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The Windows on the South Side of the Nave

The windows along the south aisle are in the older classical form and portray some of the Disciples of the early Christian church. The colours in these windows are deep because they receive the full exposure of the south sun. Note the patterns and colours used in the designs and background. These windows are rich in symbol and biblical reference.

Each of these twelve windows makes use of the traditional teachings and representations of events associated with the life of a first century Christian.


St. Andrew Patron on Scotland and Russia St. Bartholomew, Matyr and Patron of Tanners

St. Andrew

St. Bartholemew

St. James the Great, Apostle, Matyr, Witnessed the Transfiguration Be doers of the Word and not hearers only

St. James

St. James the Less
St. John, Gospel Writer,  Evangelist St. Jude, Apostle and Matyr (beaten to death with a club)

St. John

St. Jude

St. Matthew, Apostle, Gospel Writer, Evangelist.  The angel helps him write his gospel. St. Paul, Writer of much of the New Testament.

St. Matthew

St. Paul

The St. Paul window shows Paul being whipped, writing his letters (epistles), and his “sword of the spirit.”

St. Peter St. Philip

St. Peter

St. Peter is holding the Keys of the Kingdom. See his shame in the crowing of the rooster, and his question about his feet being washed by Jesus.

St. Philip

St. Simon St. Thomas

St. Simon

St. Thomas



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