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001.56                     Cirlot, Juan Eduardo.

CIR                         A Dictionary of Symbols


                                 Symbolism –Dictionaries.




001.56                     Walker, Barbara G.

WAL                       The woman’s dictionary of symbols and sacred objects


                                 Symbolism in folklore.

                                 Women –Folklore.




091                          Simms, George Otto

SIM                         Exploring The Book of Kells / George Otto Simms ; drawings, David Rooney ;…

                                Dublin : O’Brien Press, 1988


                                Book of Kells –Illustrations.

                                Illumination of books and manuscripts, Celtic.




109                          Jaspers, Karl, 1883-1969.

JAS                          Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus : the paradigmatic individuals



                                Gautama Buddha.


                                Jesus Christ.




113                          Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.                            

TEI                          The Phenomenon of Man




                                 Philosophical anthropology.




128                          Krishnamurti, J. (Jiddu), 1895-1986.

KRI                         The flame of attention






128                          O’Donohue, John

ODO                       Eternal echoes : exploring our yearning to belong / John O’Donohue.


                                Affiliation (Philosophy)

                                Desire (Philosophy)

                                Intimacy (Psychology)




128                          Vanier, Jean

VAN                       Becoming human / Jean Vanier.


                                Philosophical anthropology.


                                Massey lectures series.




149.3                       Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941.

UND                       Mysticism; a study in the nature and development of man’s spiritual consciousness.






155.2                       Tournier, Paul.

TOU                        Secrets. Translated by Joe Embry.


                                Secrecy–Psychological aspects.




152.4                       Kushner, Harold S.

KUS                        Conquering fear : living boldly in an uncertain world / Harold S. Kushner.



                                Fear–Religious aspects.

                                Self-actualization (Psychology)




155.264                   Myers, Isabel Briggs.

MYE                       Gifts differing / Isabel Briggs Myers, with Peter B. Myers.


                                Typology (Psychology)

                                Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.




155.632                   Osherson, Samuel, 1945-

OSH                        Wrestling with love : how men struggle with intimacy with women, children,

                                                parents, and each other


                                 Men –Psychology.

                                 Men –Family relationships.


                                 Intimacy (Psychology)




155.9                       Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth.

KUB                        On death and dying.


                                Death–Psychological aspects.




155.93                     James, John W.

JAM                        The grief recovery handbook : the action program for moving beyond death, divorce,



                                Bereavement–Psychological aspects.

                                Loss (Psychology)




155.937                   Gaffney, Donna A.              

GAF                        The Seasons of Grief: Helping Your Children Grow Through Loss


                                Bereavement – Psychological aspects.

                                Children and death.

                                Parent and child.

                                Grief – psychology.

                                Bereavement – psychology.

                                Parent-Child Relations.




155.937                   Grollman, Earl A

GRO                       Living When  a loved One has Died







155.937                   Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth;  photos. by  Mal Warshaw

KUB                        To Live Until We Say Good-bye


                                 Death –Psychological aspects.

                                 Terminal care.

                                 Terminal care facilities.

                                 Future life –Christianity.




155.937                   Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth      

KUB                        Living with Death and Dying


                                 Terminal care.

                                 Death –Psychological aspects.

                                 Terminally ill children –Psychology.

                                 Attitude to death.





155.937                   Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth, editor

KUB                        Death: the Final Stage of Growth


                                 Death –Psychological aspects.




155.937                   Schaefer, Dan and Christine Lyons  Foreword byDavid Peretz

SCH                        How Do We Tell the Children?:

                                                helping children understand and cope when someone dies


                                 Children and death.

                                 Death –Psychological aspects.

                                 Bereavement –Psychological aspects.

                                 Parent and child.

                                 Children –Counseling of.

                                 Teenagers –Counseling of.




158                          Peck, M. Scott (Morgan Scott), 1936-2005.

PEC                        The road less traveled : a new psychology of love, traditional values, and spiritual                                                                            growth


                                Self-actualization (Psychology)

                                Maturation (Psychology)

                                Interpersonal relations.







158.1                       Chervin, Ronda.

CHE                       The woman’s tale : a journal of inner exploration / Ronda Chervin, Mary Neill & you.


                                Chervin, Ronda.

                                Neill, Mary.

                                Women–Conduct of life.

                                Fairy tales–History and criticism.

                                Women in literature.

                                Women–Religious aspects–Christianity.




158.1                       Moore, Thomas, 1940-

MOO                      Care of the soul : a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life


                                Spiritual life.

                                Psychology, Religious.




158.2                       Moore, Thomas, 1940-

MOO                      Soul mates : honoring the mysteries of love and relationship / Thomas Moore.


                                Intimacy (Psychology)


                                Soul mates.

                                Conduct of life.




170                          Holloway, Richard

HOL                       Godless morality : keeping religion out of ethics / Richard Holloway.


                                Religion and ethics ; Ethics ;



170.202                   Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001.                                            

LIN                         Gift from the Sea






170.202                   Nouwen, Henri J. M. &   Gaffney, Walter J., 1938- joint author. 

NOU                       Aging: the fulfilllment of life.


                                 Older people –Conduct of life.




171.1                       Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945        edited by Eberhard Bethge               

BON                       Ethics


                                 Christian ethics.




179.9                       Harnden, Philip

HAR                       Journeys of simplicity : traveling light with Thomas Merton, Basho, Edward Abbey,






179.9                       Henderson, Michael, 1932-

HEN                       Forgiveness : breaking the chain of hate






179.9                       Holloway, Richard

HOL                       On forgiveness : how can we forgive the unforgivable?



                                Forgiveness–Religious aspects.




181.3                       Buber, Martin      

BUB                        I and Thou.           




                                 God –Knowableness.




190                          Beck, Lewis White                              

BEC                        Six Secular Philosophers


                                 Philosophy and religion.





191                          Wilber, Ken

WIL                        The eye of spirit : an integral vision for a world gone slightly mad


                                Spiritual life.




193                          Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900.      Translated by Francis Golffing.       

NIE                         The birth of tragedy and The genealogy of morals.   


                                 Greek drama (Tragedy) –History and criticism.

                                 Tragic, The.


                                 Music –Philosophy and aesthetics.





193                          Seung, T. K., 1930-

SEU                         Kant : a guide for the perplexed / T.K. Seung.


                                Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.




193                          Want, Christopher.

WAN                      Introducing Kant / Christopher Want and Andrzej Klimowski ; edited by Richard Appignanesi.


                                Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.




193.2                       Körner, Stephan, 1913-

KOR                       Kant.


                                Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.




198.5                       Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, 1870-1966.

SUZ                        Swedenborg : buddha of the North;


                                 Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1688-1772.

                                 Mystics –Sweden –Biography.




198.9                       Kierkegaard, Soren                                            

KIE                         Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death


                                 Christianity –Philosophy.

                                 Sin –Christianity.




200                          Smith, Huston.

SMI                         Why religion matters : the fate of the human spirit in an age of disbelief


                                Religion and science.




200.19                     Furlong, Monica

FUR                        Travelling in.






200.3                       Vernon, Mark, editor

VER                        Chambers dictionary of beliefs and religions / edited by Mark Vernon.


                                Religion –Dictionaries.

                                Religions –Dictionaries.




200.84                     Chittister, Joan

CHI                        The gift of years : growing older gracefully / Joan Chittister.


                                Older people–Psychology.

                                Older people–Conduct of life.

                                Aging–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Aging–Social aspects.

                                Aging–Psychological aspects.




200.9                       McAvity, Marks    (Introduction by )

FAI                         Faith in My Neighbour: World Religions in Canada: An Introduction






200.92                     Armstrong, Karen, 1944 -

ARM                       The spiral staircase: my climb out of darkness


                                Armstrong, Karen, 1944 -

                                Ex - nuns – Biography




201                          Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.

TEI                          The divine milieu; an essay on the interior life.


                                Christianity –Philosophy.




201                          Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

TIL                          Biblical religion and the search for ultimate reality.






201.5                       Alexander, Denis.

ALE                        Rebuilding the matrix : science and faith in the 21st century / Denis Alexander.


                                Religion and science.




201.5                       Corrigan, John, 1952-

COR                       Jews, Christians, Muslims : a comparative introduction to monotheistic religions









201.5                       Howe Peace, Jennifer and Or N. Rose and Gergory Mobley, editors

HOW                      My neighbor’s faith : stories of interreligious encounter, growth, and transformation






204                          Holloway, Richard

HOL                       Looking in the distance : the human search for meaning


                                Meaning (Philosophy) –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                Spiritual life –Christianity.




204                          King, Ursula.

KIN                        The search for spirituality : our global quest for a spiritual life / Ursula King.






204.3                       Roberts, Elizabeth & Elias Amidon

ROB                        Life prayers : from around the world






204.4                       Harpur, Tom

HAR                       Living waters : selected writings on spirituality


                                Spiritual life




204.4                       Tolle, Eckhart, 1948 -

TOL                        The power of NOW : a guide to spiritual enlightenment / Eckhart Tolle.


                                Spiritual life.




208                          Ramsey, Arthur Michael  1904-1988.                                               

RAM                       Sacred and secular;






209.046                   Quoist, Michel     

QUO                       Christ is Alive! translated [from the French] by J. F. Bernard


                                 Jesus Christ.

                                 Christianity –Essence, genius, nature.

                                 Christian life.




209.22                     Bonisteel, Roy                     

BON                       In Search of Man Alive


                                Man alive (Television program)

                                Christian biography




210.8                       Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.

TEI                          Hymn of the universe.


                                Mysticism –Catholic Church.






211                          Mailer , Norman with Michael Lennon.

MAI                        On God : an uncommon conversation / Norman Mailer with Michael Lennon.






215                          Collins, Francis, S.

COL                        The language of God: a scientist presents evidence for belief


                                Religion and Science





215                          Sanguin, Bruce, 1955-

SAN                        Darwin, divinity, and the dance of the cosmos : an ecological Christianity


                                Human ecology–Religious aspects–Christianity

                                Environmental protection–Religious aspects–Christianity

                                Nature–Religious aspects–Christianity

                                Religion and science

                                Environmental ethics




215                          Wilber, Ken

WIL                        The marriage of sense and soul : integrating science and religion / Ken…


                                Religion and science.




220.02                     Alexander,  David &  Pat Alexander, editors

ALE                        Eerdmans’ handbook to the Bible


                                 Bible –Handbooks, manuals, etc.




220.1                       Bryan, Christopher

BRY                        And God spoke : the authority of the Bible for the church today /


                                Bible–Evidences, authority, etc.





220.2                       Cruden, Alexander, 1699-1770          Eadie, John, 1810-1876, editor.         

CRU                       Concordance to the Holy Scriptures


                                 Bible –Concordances, English.




220.3                       Achtemeier, Paul J. general editor,

HAR                       Harper’s Bible dictionary


                                Bible –Dictionaries.




220.3                       Metzger, Bruce Manning;  Coogan, Michael David. editors

MET                        The Oxford companion to the Bible


                                Bible –Dictionaries.





AME                       New Amercian Standard Bible


                                Large type books.





220.5                       McGrath, Alister E., 1953-

MCG                      In the beginning :

                                the story of the King James Bible and how it changed a nation, a language, and a culture


                                Bible. English–Versions–Authorized.

                                Bible. English–History.




220.5                       The New English Bible.

NEW                      London : Oxford U.P : Cambridge U.P, 1970.





220.5                       The new Oxford annotated Bible with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books :                                               OXF                        New Revised Standard Version / Michael D. Coogan, editor ; Marc Z. Brettler,                                  








220.5                       Strong, James, 1822-1894.                                  

STR                         Strong’s Concordance of the Bible; a popular edition of the exhaustive concordance


                                 Bible –Concordances, English.

                                 Hebrew language –Dictionaries –English.

                                 Greek language, Biblical –Dictionaries –English.




220.52                     Barker , Kenneth, general editor

NIV                        The NIV study Bible / general editor, Kenneth Barker ; associate editors,…




220.6                       Bennett, Robert A., 1933

BEN                        The Bible for today’s church/ written by Robert A. Bennett and O.C. Edwards


                                Bible - Criticism, interpretation, etc

                                Bible - Study and teaching




220.6                       Sandys-Wunsch, John, 1936-

SAN                        What have they done to the Bible? : a history of modern biblical interpretation


                                Bible–Criticism, interpretation, etc.–History–Modern period, 1500-




220.6                       Spong, John Shelby

SPO                         Rescuing the bible from Fundamentalism


                                 Bible –Criticism, interpretation, etc.


                                 Liberalism (Religion) –Protestant churches.




220.601                   Thiselton, Anthony

THI                         New horizons in hermeneutics / Anthony C. Thiselton.








220.601                   Tolomeo, Diane, 1948-,    De Roo, Remi J.,   Gervais, Pearl

TOL                        Biblical Characters and the Enneagram: images of transformation








220.61                     Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        Reading the bible again for the first time: taking the bible seriously but not literally.


                                 Bible –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                 Metaphor in the Bible.




220.61                     Bowker, John Westerdale.

BOW                       The complete Bible handbook / John Bowker.






220.7                       Montague, George T. commentary by

MON                      The books of Ruth & Tobit. With a commentary by George T. Montague.




220.9                       May, Herbert G. (Herbert Gordon), 1904-1977.

MAY                       Oxford Bible atlas.   edited by Herbert G. May with the assistance of G. N. S. Hunt







220.91                     Gardner, Joseph L. editor

GAR                       Reader’s digest Atlas of the Bible : an illustrated guide to the Holy Land




220.92                     Barker, William Pierson.  

BAR                        Everyone in the Bible


                                 Bible –Biography.




220.92                     O’Driscoll, Herbert

ODR                       Conversations in time : with men and women of the Bible



                                Imaginary conversations

                                Christian life–Anglican authors




220.92                     Spangler, Ann

SPA                         Women of the Bible : a one-year devotional study of women in Scripture /…


                                Women –Prayers and devotions.

                                Devotional calendars.

                                Women in the Bible.




220.95                     Miller, Madeleine S. (Madeleine Sweeny), 1890-1976

MIL                         The Harper Encyclopedia of Bible life / Madeleine S. and J. Lane Miller.


                                 Bible –Encyclopedias.




221.6                       Buber, Martin, 1878-1965.

BUB                        The prophetic faith; tr. from the Hebrew by Carlyle Witton-Davies.


                                Bible. Old Testament–Criticism, interpretation, etc.




221.6                       Hinson, David F.

HIN                        Old Testament introduction. 1, History of Israel


                                Bile.O.T. - Criticism, interpretation, etc.




221.6                       Roger, Brother of Taize      (Roger, frère, 1915-2005)   

ROG                       The pilgrim God : a biblical journey/Brother John of taize


                                Bible.  O.T. - Criticism, interpretation, etc




221.66                     Alter, Robert

ALT                        The art of Biblical narrative / Robert Alter.


                                Bible. Old Testament–Language, Style.

                                Narration in the Bible.




221.829                   Buber, Martin

BUB                        Kingship of God.


                                Bible. Old Testament–Theology.

                                Kingdom of God.




222.11                     Armstrong, Karen, 1944-                   

ARM                       In the beginning: a new interpretation of Genesis


                                 Bible. O.T. Genesis –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




222.11                     Rad, Gerhard von                [Original translation from the German by John H. Marks]

VON                       Genesis: A Commentary (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Genesis –Commentaries.




222.12                     Childs, Brevard  S.                              

CHI                        Exodus, a Commentary (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Exodus –Commentaries.




222.12                     Walzer, Michael.

WAL                       Exodus and revolution


                                Exodus, The –Typology.

                                Revolutions –Religious aspects –Christianity.




222.14                     Riggans, Walter  

RIG                         Numbers ( Daily study Bible–Old Testament)


                                 Bible. O.T. Numbers –Commentaries.




222.15                     Thompson, J. A. (John Arthur), 1913-

THO                       Deuteronomy : an introduction and commentary / by J. A. Thompson.


                                Bible. Deuteronomy—Commentaries.




222.15                     Rad, Gerhard von                translated by Dorothea Barton from the German.

VON                       Deuteronomy: A Commentary (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy —Commentaries.




222.2                       Soggin, J. Alberto (author)                [translated from the French by R. A. Wilson].

SOG                        Joshua: a commentary  (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Joshua –Commentaries.




222.32                     Soggin, J. Alberto                [translated by John Bowden from the Italian original]

SOG                        Judges: a commentary ( The Old Testament library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Judges –Commentaries.




222.4                       Hertzberg, Hans Wilhelm,   [translated from the German by  John S. Bowden]   

HER                        I & II Samuel, a Commentary ( The Old Testament library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Samuel –Commentaries.




222.5                       Gray, John, 1913-               

GRA                       I & II Kings; a commentary (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Kings –Commentaries.




223.1                       Gibson, John C. L. (John Clark Love), 1930-    (author)                               

GIB                         Job  ( Daily Study Bible - Old Testament )


                                Bible. O.T. Job – Commentaries.

                                Bible O.T Job





JOB                         The book of Job : from the translation prepared at Cambridge in 1611 for King James I




223.2                       Brandt, Leslie F.

BRA                        Psalms/now


                                 Bible. O.T. Psalms –Paraphrases, English.




223.206                   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich           translated by James H. Burtness                      

BON                       Psalms:  The Prayer Book of the Bible


                                 Bible. O.T. Psalms —Introductions.




223.207                   Alter, Robert

ALT                        The book of Psalms : a translation with commentary


                                Bible. O.T. Psalms –Commentaries.




223.207                   Weiser, Artur, 1893-1978.  (Author)                 Herbert Hartwell, translator

WEI                        The Psalms (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Psalms –Commentaries.




223.6                       Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.

LEW                       Reflections on the Psalms


                                 Bible. O.T. Psalms –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




223.7                       McKane, William                                               

MCK                      Proverbs: a new approach


                                 Bible. O.T. Proverbs –Commentaries.

                                 Wisdom literature.




224.1                       Kaiser, Otto, 1924-                             

KAI                         Isaiah 1-12: a commentary                [translated by John Bowden]


                                 Bible. O.T. Isaiah I-XII —Commentaries.




224.1                       Kaiser, Otto, 1924-                              

KAI                         Isaiah 13 - 39, a commentary  


                                 Bible. O.T. Isaiah XIII-XXXIX –Commentaries.




224.1                       Westermann, Claus                                            

WES                        Isaiah 40-66, a commentary


                                 Bible. O.T. Isaiah XL-LXVI –Commentaries.




224.4                       Eichrodt, Walther, 1890-1978.

EIC                         Ezekiel; a commentary  (Old Testament Library)


                                 Bible. O.T. Ezekiel –Commentaries.




224.40                     Clements, R. E. (Ronald Ernest), 1929-

CLE                        Ezekiel / Ronald E. Clements.


                                Bible. O.T. Ezekiel – Commentaries.




224.5                       Russell, D. S. (David Syme), 1916-   

RUS                        Daniel     


                                 Bible. O.T. Daniel –Commentaries.




224.52                     Phillips, J. B.

PHI                         Four prophets: Amos, Hosea, First Isaiah, Micah; a modern translation from…




224.72                     Sjolgren, Per-Olof

SJO                          The Jesus prayer = Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me


                                Jesus prayer.





PAR                        The layman’s parallel New Testament:

                                                King James version, the Amplified New Testament,

                                                the Living New Testament, Revised standard version.




225.4                       Scrivener, Frederick Henry Ambrose, 1813 - 1891    editor

SCR                        The New Testament in Greek




225.4                       Bible, N.T. Parallel Hebrew - English text

SOC                        The New Testament in Hebrew and English





225.52                     Barclay, William (translator)

BAR                        The New Testament: a new translation by William Barclay.

v.1                           v. 1. The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.





EIG                         Eight translation New Testament


                                King James version, the Living Bible, Phillips modern English,

                                Revised standard version, Today’s English version, New international version,                                                                  Jerusalem Bible, New English Bible.





FOU                        The New Testament in four versions. King James, Revised standard,

                                                Phillips modern English, New English Bible.




225.52                     Jones, Alexander,   General editor:

JER                          New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible




225.52                     Joint Committee on the New Translation of the Bible               

NEW                      The New English Bible; New Testament




225.52                     Peterson, Eugene H., 1932-

PET                         The Message; New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs




225.52                     Phillips, J. B. (John Bertram), 1906-1982, tr.

PHI                         The New Testament in modern English.




225.609                   Kummel, Werner Georg

KUM                      The New Testament: the history of the investigation of its problems.


                                Bible. New Testament–Criticism, interpretation, etc.–History.




225.66                     Hunter, Archibald Macbride.                           

HUN                      Introducing the New Testament


                                 New Testament Critical studies

                                 Bible. N.T. –Introductions.




225.92                     Brownrigg, Ronald                            

BRO                        Who’s who in the New Testament.


                                 Bible. N.T. –Biography –Dictionaries.




225.92                     Coggan, Donald 

COG                       Paul, portrait of a Revolutionary


                                 Paul, the Apostle, Saint.

                                 Apostles –Biography.




226.1                       Mitchell, Stephen, 1943-

MIT                         The Gospel according to Jesus : a new translation and guide to his essential                                                                                         teachings for believers and unbelievers


                                 Jesus Christ –Words.

                                 Jesus Christ –Rationalistic interpretations.

                                 Jesus Christ –Jewish interpretations.

                                 Bible. N.T. Gospels –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




226.2                       Barclay, William                                 

BAR                        The Gospel of Matthew   v.1   ch.1 - 10


226.2                       Barclay, William                

BAR                        The Gospel of Matthew. v.2  ch.11 - 28 


                                 Bible. N.T. Matthew –Commentaries.




226.2                       Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945.

BON                       The cost of discipleship. [Translated from the German by R. H. Fuller, with…


                                Sermon on the mount.




226.3                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978             

BAR                        The Gospel of Mark; The Daily Study Bible


                                 Bible. N.T. Mark –Commentaries.




226.4                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978             

BAR                        The Gospel of Luke / translated with an introd. and interpretation by William Barclay.


                                Bible. Luke–Commentaries.




226.5                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978 ed.   translated with an introd. and interpretation by              

BAR                        The Gospel of John  v.2                      ch. 8 - 21


                                Bible. N.T. John—Commentaries




226.5                       Marsh, John, 1904-

MAR                       Saint John


                                Bible. John–Commentaries.




226.5                       Ramsey, Arthur Michael, 1904 - 1988                              

RAM                       Lent with St. John


                                Bible. N.T. John – Commentaries.

                                Bible N.T John




226.5                       Van Kaam, Adrian L., 1920-

VAN                       The woman at the well / by Adrian Van Kaam.


                                Samaritan woman (Biblical figure)

                                Bible. N.T. John IV, 1-42–Commentaries.




226.6                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978    translated with an introduction and interpretation by

BAR                        The Acts of the Apostles    


                                 Bible. N.T. Acts –Commentaries.




226.8                       Barclay, William

BAR                        And Jesus said; a handbook on the parables of Jesus


                                 Jesus Christ –Parables.




226.8                       Keating, Thomas.

KEA                        The kingdom of God is like– / Thomas Keating.


                                Jesus Christ–Parables–Sermons.

                                Jesus Christ–Words–Sermons.

                                Catholic Church–Sermons.

                                Sermons, American.




226.806                   Scott, Bernard Brandon

SCO                        Hear then the parable : a commentary on the parables of Jesus / Bernard…


                                Jesus Christ –Parables.




226.9                       Stecker, Georg, 1929 -

STE                         The Sermon on the mount : an exegetical commentary


                                Sermon on the mount.




226.9                       Stott, John R. W. (John Robert Walmsley Stott)                            

STO                         Christian counter culture: the message of the Sermon on the Mount


                                 Sermon on the mount.




226.9                       Towns, Elmer L.

TOW                       Praying the Lord’s Prayer for spiritual breakthrough


                                 Lord’s prayer –Devotional literature.




226.960                   Lunny, William John                                         

LUN                       Living the Lord’s prayer the Celtic way


                                Lord’s prayer




227                          Barclay, William, 1907-1978              translated with an introd. and interpretation by

BAR                        The letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians


                                Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul–Commentaries

                                Bible. N.T. Philippians –Commentaries.

                                Bible. N.T. Colossians –Commentaries.

                                Bible. N.T. Thessalonians —Commentaries.




227.05                     Brandt, Leslie F.

BRA                        Epistles/now


                                 Bible. N.T. Epistles –Paraphrases, English.




227.06                     Barclay, William, 1907-1978             

BAR                        The Mind of St. Paul


                                 Paul, the Apostle, Saint

                                 Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul –Theology.




227.06                     Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        The first Paul : reclaiming the radical visionary behind the Church’s…


                                Paul, the Apostle, Saint.

                                Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul –Theology.




227.1                       Barclay, William

BAR                        The Letter to the Romans


                                Bible. Romans–Commentaries.




227.1                       Bruce, F. F.

BRU                        The letter of Paul to the Romans : an introduction and commentary / by F.F….


                                Bible. N.T. Romans –Commentaries.




227.4                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978

BAR                        The letters to the Galatians and Ephesians.  The Daily study Bible


                                Bible. N.T. Ephesians–Commentaries

                                Bible. N.T. Galatians–Commentaries




227.4                       Luther, Martin, 1483 - 1546

LUT                        A commentary on St.Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians




227.87                     Barclay, William, 1907-1978  [translation and commentary by]

BAR                        The Letter to the Hebrews.  The Daily study Bible


                                Bible. N.T. Hebrews–Commentaries




227.91                     Barclay, William, 1907-1978              translated with an introduction and interpretation by              

BAR                        The letters of James and Peter. The Daily study Bible


                                Bible. N.T. James–Commentaries

                                Bible. N.T. Peter—Commentaries




227.94                     Barclay, William, 1907-1978              translated with introduction and interpretation by   

BAR                        The Letters of John and Jude 


                                Bible. N.T. Epistles of John–Commentaries

                                Bible. N.T. Jude–Commentaries




228.077                   Barclay, William, 1907-1978              [translation and commentary by]  William Barclay   

BAR                        Revelation of John  v.1



228.077                   Barclay, William, 1907-1978              [translation and commentary by]  William Barclay   

BAR                        Revelation of John  v.2


                                N.T. Revelation–Commentaries





AUT                        The Books Called Apocrypha according to the authorised version.


                                Bible. O.T. Apocrypha




229.052                   Barnstone, Willis, editor

BAR                        The other bible / edited by Willis Barnstone.


                                Apocryphal books.

                                Gnostic literature.




229.8                       The Gospel of Thomas : wisdom of the twin :

BAU                                        a dynamic translation with commentary and notes / Lynn Bauman.


                                Gospel of Thomas (Coptic Gospel) –Commentaries.




229.8                       Meyer, Marvin editor

MEY                       The Gospel of Thomas : the hidden sayings of Jesus


                                Gospel of Thomas (Coptic Gospel) –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




229.8                       Pagels, Elaine H., 1943 -

PAG                        Beyond belief : the secret Gospel of Thomas / Elaine Pagels.


                                Gospel of Thomas (Coptic Gospel) –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Bible. N.T. John –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Christianity –Essence, genius, nature.





230                          Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith


                                Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.





230                          Scorer, Tim, 1945-                foreward by Marcus Borg

BOR                        Experiencing the Heart of Christianity; a 12 session program for groups


                                Theology, Doctrinal–Study and teaching




230                          Bultmann, Rudolf Karl, 1884-1976.

BUL                        Theology of the New Testament; translated by Kendrick Grobel.


                                 Bible. N.T. –Theology.




230                          Donovan, Vincent

DON                       Christianity rediscovered / Vincent J. Donovan.


                                Christianity –Essence, genius, nature.

                                Maasai (African people) –Missions.

                                Missions –Africa, East.




230                          Fakre, Dorothy

FAK                        Christian basics : a primer for pilgrims


                                Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.




230                          Fox, Matthew, 1940-

FOX                        The coming of the cosmic Christ :





                                Human ecology –Religious aspects –Christianity.




230                          Küng, Hans, 1928-, translated by Edward Quinn

KUN                       On Being a Christian








230                          Leech, Kenneth

LEE                         The eye of the storm : spiritual resources for the pursuit of justice


                                Christianity Theology




230                          Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.           

LEW                       Broadcast Talks







230                          Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.                           

LEW                       Mere Christianity - a revised and amplified edition,

                                                with a new introduction, of the three books:

                                                                Broadcast Talks,

                                                                Christian Behaviour,

                                                                Beyond Personality.


                                 Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.


                                 Christian ethics –Anglican authors.




230                          Macquarrie, John                                

MAC                      The faith of the people of God; a lay theology.


                                 Theology, Doctrinal – Popular works.

                                 Christian doctrine





230                          McLaren, Brian D., 1956-

MCL                       A new kind of Christianity : ten questions that are transforming the faith / Brian D. McLaren.


                                Theology, Doctrinal–Popular works.




230                          Micks, Marianne H.                                            

MIC                        Introduction to Theology


                                 Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.




230                          Míguez Bonino, José ; translated by Vickie Leach

MIG                        Room to Be People:  An Interpretation of the Message of the Bible for Today’s World






230                          Newell, J. Philip.

NEW                      The rebirthing of God : Christianity’s struggle for new beginnings / John Philip Newell.


                                Christianity–21st century.




230                          O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       The Unshakable Kingdom


                                Christianity–20th century




230                          Palmer, Martin

PAL                        Living Christianity / Martin Palmer.


                                Human ecology –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                Christianity and other religions.




230                          Ramsey, Arthur Michael, 1904 - 1988                              

RAM                       Introducing the Christian Faith

                                London: SCM Press, 1961




230                          Robinson, John A. T. (John Arthur Thomas), 1919-1983                                              

ROB                        Honest to God


                                Theology, Doctrinal.

                                Christian doctrine

                                Christianity –Essence, genius, nature.





230                          Ruether, Rosemary Radford

RUE                        Liberation theology: human hope confronts Christian history and American power


                                 Liberation theology.

                                 Christian sociology.




230                          Schwartzentruber, Michael, 1960 -, editor

SCH                        The emerging Christian way : thoughts, stories, and wisdom for a faith of transformation


                                Theology, Doctrinal–Popular works




230                          Spong, John Shelby.

SPO                         A new Christianity for a new world :

                                                why traditional faith is dying and how a new faith is being born


                                Spong, John Shelby.





230                          Spong, John Shelby.

SPO                         Why Christianity must change or die : a bishop speaks to believers in exile :

                                                 a new reformation of the Church’s faith and practice / John Shelby Spong.


                                Spong, John Shelby.





230                          Stott, John R. W. (John Robert Walmsley Stott)

STO                         Basic Christianity


                                 Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.




230                          Templeton, Charles, 1915-

TEM                        Farewell to God : my reasons for rejecting the Christian faith / Charles Templeton


                                Christianity–Controversial literature




230                          Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.                                     

TIL                          Systematic Theology, vol. 1; Reason and Revelation; Being and God


                                 Theology, Doctrinal.




230                          Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

TIL                          The essential Tillich : an anthology of the writings of Paul Tillich /                                                       


                                Theology, Doctrinal.




230                          Williams, Rowan, 1950-

WIL                        Tokens of trust : an introduction to Christian belief / Rowan Williams.


                                Theology, Doctrinal–Popular works.

                                Trust in God–Christianity.

                                Belief and doubt.




230.032                   Miethe, Terry L., 1948-

MIE                         The Compact Dictionary of Doctrinal Words               


                                 Theology –Dictionaries.




230.08                     Galloway, Allan Douglas, 1920-2006, ed.

GAL                        Basic readings in theology, edited by A. D. Galloway.






230.09                     Küng, Hans

KUN                       Great Christian thinkers








230.09                     Ramsey, Arthur Michael, 1904-1988

RAM                       God, Christ and the World; a study in contemporary theology


                                 Theology, Doctrinal –History –20th century.




230.09                     Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

TIL                          The future of religions. Edited by Jerald C. Brauer.


                                Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

                                Christianity –20th century.




230.09                     Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

TIL                          A history of Christian thought, from its Judaic and Hellenistic origins to existentialism.


                                Theology, Doctrinal—History.




230.2                       Gutierrez, Gustavo, 1928-

GUT                        A theology of liberation: history, politics, and salvation


                                 Liberation theology.




230.2                       John of the Cross, Saint, 1542-1591. (Author),

JOH                        The collected works of Saint John of the Cross


                                 Catholic Church –Doctrines –Early works to 1800.

                                 Mysticism –Catholic Church –Early works to 1800.





KUN                       Hans Küng: his work and his way

                                                 edited by Hermann Häring and Karl-Josef Kuschel


                                 Küng, Hans, 1928-

                                 Küng, Hans, 1928- –Bibliography.





230.2                       Küng, Hans, 1928-

KUN                       Signposts for the future / Hans Küng


                                 Catholic Church –Doctrines.




230.2                       McBrien, Richard P.

MCB                       Catholicism / by Richard P. McBrien.


                                Catholic Church–Doctrines.




230.2                       Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274 

THO                       Theological Texts;


                                Theology –Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                 Catholic Church.

                                 Theology –Early works to 1800.




230.3                       Coggan, Donald, 1909-2000                              

COG                       Convictions


                                 Coggan, Donald, 1909-2000.


                                 England –Biography.




230.3                       Jenkins, David & Rebecca Jenkins.

JEN                         Free to believe / David Jenkins & Rebecca Jenkins.


                                Jenkins, David E.


                                Christianity and politics.

                                Church and social problems.




230.3                       Montefiore, Hugh                                              

MON                      Taking our Past into our Future



                                 Great Britain –Social conditions –1945-




230.3                       Norris, Richard

NOR                       Understanding the faith of the Church


                                Theology, Doctrinal–Popular works.




230.3                       Phillips, J. B. (John Bertram), 1906 - 1982

PHI                         Ring of truth : a translator’s testimony

1977                        London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1977


                                 Bible. N.T. English –Versions –Phillips.

                                 Bible –Translating.

                                Church of England – Doctrines.

                                Theology, Anglican.

                                Church of England Christian doctrine




230.3                       Ramsey, Arthur Michael, 1904-1988.               

RAM                       An era in Anglican theology, from Gore to Temple; the development of Anglican theology between                                            Lux Mundi and the Second World War, 1889-1939.


                                 Theology, Doctrinal –Great Britain –History.

                                 Theology, Anglican.




230.3                       Spong, John Shelby                            

SPO                         Into the whirlwind: the future of the church



                                 Christianity –20th century.




230.3                       Vogel, Arthur Anton, editor

VOG                       Theology in Anglicanism / Arthur A. Vogel, editor.


                                Anglican Communion –Doctrines.




230.4                       Pelikan, Jaroslav, 1923-2006.

PEL                         From Luther to Kierkegaard;


                                Lutheran Church–History.

                                Theology, Doctrinal–History.

                                Philosophy, Modern–History.




230.4                       Poling, David, 1928- comp.

POL                        Inspiration Three - Luther, Calvin, Wesley


                                Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.

                                Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564.

                                Wesley, John, 1703-1791.




230.7                       Wesley, John, 1703-1791.    Erwin Paul Rudolph, editor.

WES                        The John Wesley treasury


                                 Methodist Church.

                                 Theology –Early works to 1800.




231                          Bass, Diana Butler, 1959-

BAS                         Grounded : finding God in the world–a spiritual revolution / Diana Butler Bass.


                                God (Christianity)


                                Christianity–21st century.




231                          Borg, Marcus and Ross Mackenzie, editors

BOR                        God at 2000


                                God (Christianity)





231                          Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        The God we never knew : beyond dogmatic religion to a more authentic contemporary faith         


                                Jesus Christ–Miscellanea.

                                Borg, Marcus J.


                                Christianity–Controversial literature.

                                Liberalism (Religion)




231                          Delio, Ilia.

DEL                        The humility of God : a Franciscan perspective / Ilia Delio.


                                Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, ca. 1217-1274.

                                Humility–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                God (Christianity)

                                Spirituality–Catholic Church.




231                          Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.           

LEW                       Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God           


                                 God (Christianity)

                                 Christianity –Essence, genius, nature.




231                          Phillips, J. B. (John Bertram), 1906 - 1982       

PHI                         Your God is Too Small                      



                                Christian doctrine  - God

                                God (Christianity)




231.3                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978             

BAR                        The Promise of the Spirit


                                Holy Spirit.

                                Holy Spirit –Biblical teaching.




231.3                       Hendry, George Stuart, 1904-

HEN                       The Holy Spirit in Christian theology


                                 Holy Spirit.




231.6                       Llewelyn, Robert, 1909-2008.

LLE                         Love bade me welcome / Robert Llewelyn.


                                God (Christianity)–Love.

                                God (Christianity)–Wrath.





231.6                       Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941

UND                       An anthology of the love of God, from the writings of Evelyn Underhill.


                                 God (Christianity) –Love.

                                 God (Christianity) –Worship and love.

                                 Love –Religious aspects –Christianity.


                                 Christian life Mysticism




231.7                       Cannato, Judy.

CAN                       Field of compassion : how the new cosmology is transforming spiritual life




                                Kingdom of God–Miscellanea.

                                Spiritual life.




231.7                       Toolan, David

TOO                        At home in the cosmos / David Toolan.


                                Human ecology–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Nature–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Environmental ethics.

                                Religion and science.




231.7                       Tutu, Desmond.

TUT                        God has a dream : a vision of hope for our time / Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams.



                                South Africa–Social conditions.

                                South Africa–Politics and government.




231.7                       Yancey, Philip

YAN                       Reaching for the Invisible God: What can we expect to find?


                                 Spiritual life –Christianity.




231.8                       Capon, Robert Farrar

CAP                        The third peacock; the goodness of God and the badness of the world.


                                Good and evil.

                                Theology, Doctrinal –Popular works.




231.8                       Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963

LEW                       The Problem of Pain                          


                                 Pain –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Suffering –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Good and evil.

                                 Providence and government of God –Christianity.




232                          Baillie, D. M. (Donald Macpherson), 1887-1954.

BAI                         God Was In Christ : An Essay On Incarnation and Atonement                                                 


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232                          Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        Jesus, a new vision : spirit, culture, and the life of discipleship /…


                                Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232                          Cahill, Thomas

CAH                       Desire of the everlasting hills : the world before and after Jesus


                                Jesus Christ–Biography.




232                          Charlesworth, James H.   edited by

CHA                       Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.

                                 Dead Sea Scrolls.




232                          Dodd, C. H. (Charles Harold), 1884-1973.

DOD                       The founder of Christianity [by] C. H. Dodd.


                                Jesus Christ–Person and offices.




232                          Hellwig, Monika K.

HEL                        Jesus, the compassion of God : new perspectives on the tradition of Christianity


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232                          O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       Emmanuel, Encountering Jesus as Lord


                                Jesus Christ –Meditations.

                                Jesus Christ–Person and offices

                                Jesus Christ–Teachings

                                Christian life–Anglican authors





232                          Ó Murchú, Diarmuid.

OMU                      Catching up with Jesus : a gospel story for our times / Diarmuid O’Murchu.


                                Jesus Christ.

                                Jesus Christ–Person and offices.

                                Quantum theory.

                                Evolution–Religious aspects—Christianity.




232                          Robinson, John A. T. (John Arthur Thomas), 1919-1983.

ROB                        The Human Face of God


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232                          Spong, John Shelby

SPO                         This Hebrew Lord: a bishop’s search for the authentic Jesus


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.

                                 Christianity and other religions –Judaism.

                                 Judaism –Relations –Christianity.




232                          Yancey, Philip

YAN                       The Jesus I never knew / Philip Yancey.


                                Jesus Christ –Person and offices.

                                Jesus Christ –Biography.

                                Jesus Christ –Teachings.




232.09                     Bonhoeffer, Dietrich                           Edited by Eberhard Bethge.              

BON                       Letters and Papers from Prison


                                Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945.




232.4                       Weber, Hans-Ruedi, 1923-   [compiled by]

WEB                       On a Friday Noon; Meditations under the Cross


                                 Jesus Christ –Passion –Art.

                                 Jesus Christ –Passion –Meditations.




232.5                       Spong, John Shelby

SPO                         Resurrection : myth or reality? : a bishop’s search for the origins of…


                                Jesus Christ –Resurrection.

                                Christianity –Origin.

                                Future life –Christianity.




232.8                       Hurtado, Larry

HUR                       Lord Jesus Christ


                                Jesus Christ–History of doctrines–Early church, ca. 30-600.

                                Jesus Christ–Cult–History.

                                Bible. New Testament–Theology.




232.9                       Burrows. Ruth

BUR                        Love unknown /


                                Jesus Christ–Meditations.

                                God (Christianity)–Love–Meditations.

                                God (Christianity)–Knowableness–Meditations.

                                Spiritual life–Meditations.




232.9                       Farrer, Austin

FAR                        The triple victory : Christ’s temptation according to St. Matthew / Austin…


                                Jesus Christ –Temptation.

                                Jesus Christ –Baptism.

                                Bible. N.T. Matthew –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




232.9                       Geisler, Norman L.

GEI                         The apologetics of Jesus : a caring approach to dealing with doubters


                                Jesus Christ–Teaching methods.





232.9                       Phillips, J. B. (John Bertram), 1906-1982.

PHI                         When God was man.


                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232.90                     Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        Meeting Jesus again for the first time


                                Jesus Christ –Historicity.

                                Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232.90                     Crossan, John Dominic

CRO                       Jesus, A revolutionary Biography


                                 Jesus Christ –Biography.

                                 Jesus Christ –Historicity.




232.90                     Funk, Robert Walter, 1926-2005.

FUN                       Honest to Jesus: Jesus for a new millennium


                                 Jesus Christ –Historicity.

                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232.90                     Harpur, Tom                                       

HAR                       For Christ’s Sake


                                Jesus Christ–Historicity

                                Jesus Christ–Biography

                                Jesus Christ–Teachings


                                 Jesus Christ –Rationalistic interpretations.

                                 Jesus Christ –Person and offices.




232.90                     Muggeridge, Malcolm, 1903-1990.                  

MUG                      Jesus: The Man Who Lives.


                                 Jesus Christ –Biography.

                                 Jesus Christ –Art.




232.90                     Van Voorst, Robert E.

VAN                       Jesus outside the New Testament


                                Jesus Christ –Biography –Sources.

                                Jesus Christ –Historicity.




232.90                     Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas)

WRI                        The contemporary quest for Jesus / N.T. Wright.


                                Jesus Christ–Historicity.

                                Jesus Christ.




232.92                     Roberts, Paul William

ROB                        Journey of the Magi : in search of the birth of Jesus


                                Jesus Christ–Nativity


                                Christianity and other religions–Zoroastrianism

                                Roberts, Paul William–Journeys–Iran

                                Iran–Description and travel




232.92                     Spong, John Shelby.

SPO                         Born of a woman : a bishop rethinks the birth of Jesus


                                Jesus Christ –Nativity.

                                Bible. N.T. –Criticism, interpretation, etc.




232.96                     Barclay, William, 1907-1978.

BAR                        Crucified and Crowned


                                 Jesus Christ –Biography –Public life.




232.96                     Borg, Marcus J.

BOR                        The last week : the day-by-day account of Jesus’s final week in Jerusalem


                                Jesus Christ –Biography –Passion Week.

                                Bible. N.T. Mark –Criticism, interpretation, etc.





232.96                     Holloway, Richard, 1933-

HOL                       The Killing: Meditations on the Death of Christ


                                 Jesus Christ –Crucifixion –Meditations.




232.96                     Thomas, a Kempis, 1380-1471.

TOM                       On the Passion of Christ according to the four evangelists : prayers and meditations


                                Jesus Christ –Passion –Prayers and devotions –Early works to 1800.




234                          Capon, Robert

CAP                        The mystery of Christ–and why we don’t get it








234                          Swindoll, Charles R.          

SWI                         The Grace Awakening: Believing in Grace is One Thing. Living it is Another.


                                 Grace (Theology)

                                 Christian life.




234                          Yancey, Philip.

YAN                       What’s so amazing about grace? / Philip Yancey.


                                Grace (Theology)




234.13                     Graham, Rochelle, 1953-, Taylor, Jim, 1941-, Irwin, Wayne, 1944-, Litt, Flora, 1929-

GRA                       Healing from the heart : a guide to Christian healing for individuals and groups


                                Spiritual healing

                                Spiritual healing–History of doctrines

                                Health–Religious aspects–Christianity

                                Church work with the sick




234.16                     Cully, Kendig Brubaker     editor                                    

CUL                        Confirmation Re-examined


                                 Episcopal Church –Doctrines.

                                 Confirmation –Episcopal Church.

                                 Confirmation –Anglican Communion.

                                 Anglican Communion –Doctrines.





234.16                     Larere, Philippe.

LAR                        The Lord’s Supper : towards an ecumenical understanding of the Eucharist


                                Lord’s Supper.

                                Lord’s Supper (Liturgy)

                                Lord’s Supper and Christian union.


                                Communicatio in sacris.




234.16                     Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       With burning hearts : a meditation on the eucharistic life / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Lord’s Supper–Catholic Church–Meditations.




234.16                     World Council of Churches. Commission on Faith and Order.                                

WCC                      Baptism, Eucharist and ministry.


                                 Sacraments and Christian union.


                                 Lord’s Supper.

                                 Clergy –Office.




234.2                       Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.

TIL                          Dynamics of faith.






235                          Wink, Walter.

WIN                       The powers that be : theology for a new millennium


                                Bible. N.T. –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Powers (Christian theology) –Biblical teaching.




236                          Robinson, John A. T. (John Arthur Thomas), 1919-1983.                                             

ROB                        In the End, God.






236.1                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       A letter of consolation / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Catholic Church –Doctrines.

                                Death –Religious aspects –Catholic Church.

                                Paschal mystery.




236.1                       Nouwen, Henri, J.M.

NOU                       Beyond the mirror : reflections on death and life / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Death –Religious aspects –Catholic Church.

                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




236.2                       Küng, Hans, 1928-

KUN                       Eternal life?: life after death as a medical, philosophical, and theological problem


                                 Jesus Christ –Resurrection.

                                 Future life –Christianity.

                                 Death –Religious aspects –Christianity.


                                 Heaven –Christianity.

                                 Hell –Christianity.





236.2                       Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.           

LEW                       The Great Divorce: A Dream


                                 Good and evil.




238.11                     Huddleston, Trevor, 1913-1998.                       

HUD                       I Believe: Reflection on the Apostles’ Creed


                                 Apostles Creed.




238.11                     Küng, Hans

KUN                       Credo : the Apostle’s Creed explained for today


                                Catholic Church–Creeds–History and criticism.

                                Apostles’ Creed.




238.14                     Polkinghorne, J. C., 1930-

POL                        The faith of a physicist : reflections of a bottom-up thinker / John Polkinghorne.


                                Nicene Creed.

                                Natural theology.

                                Faith and reason—Christianity.




239                          McGrath, Alister E., 1953-                                 

MCG                      Intellectuals don’t need God & other modern myths:

                                                 building bridges to faith through apologetics






240.092                   May, Rollo.

MAY                       Paulus: reminiscences of a friendship.


                                Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.




241                          O’Murhcú, Diarmuid

OMU                      Our world in transition : making sense of a changing world / Diarmuid O’Murhcú.


                                Christianity and culture.

                                Social change.




241                          Ó Murchú, Diarmuid.

OMU                      The transformation of desire : how desire became corrupted and how we can reclaim it


                                Christianity and culture.

                                Desire–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Consumption (Economics)–Religious aspects—Christianity.




241                          Tournier, Paul.

TOU                        The violence within


                                Violence–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Psychiatry and religion.




241.08                     Vanier, Jean                         

VAN                       Eruption to Hope


                                 Conduct of life.

                                 Civilization, Modern –1950-




241.309                   World Council of Churches

WCC                                      Vol. 1 edited by R.L. Shinn, vol. 2 edited by P. Abrecht.

v.1                           Faith and science in an unjust world :



                                 Religion and science –Congresses.




241.4                       Leddy, Mary Jo.

LED                        Radical gratitude / Mary Jo Leddy.


                                Gratitude–Religious aspects–Christianity.




241.5                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978.                            

BAR                        The Plain Man Looks at the Beatitudes






241.5                       Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945.

BON                       The cost of discipleship


                                Sermon on the mount –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Christian life –Bekennende Kirche authors.




241.66                     Pronk, Pim, 1948 -

PRO                        Against nature? : types of moral argumentation regarding homosexuality /…


                                Homosexuality –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                Homosexuality –Moral and ethical aspects.




241.69                     Douglass, James W.

DOU                       The Nonviolent Coming of God


                                 Nonviolence –Religious aspects –Christianity.




242                          De Waal, Esther

DEW                       A world made whole : the rediscovery of the Celtic tradition.






242                          Dion, Andre, Fr.                                  

DIO                         Tapestry: A Priest’s Journey




242                          Julian of Norwich

JUL                         Revelations of Divine Love translated with an introduction by Clifton Wolters



                                Devotional literature

                                Wolters, Clifton

                                Juliana of Norwich-See Julian, of Norwich




242                          Julian of Norwich

JUL                         A lesson of love



                                Christian Life

                                Christian Life Mysticism




242                          Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

MER                       Seeds / Thomas Merton ; edited with an introduction by Robert Inchausti.


                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




242                          Nouwen, Henri

NOU                       Out of solitude; three meditations on the Christian life, by Henri J. M….






242                          O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       Crossroads: times of decision for people of God






242                          O’Driscoll, Herbert.

ODR                       God with us : the companionship of Jesus in the challenges of life / Herbert O’Driscoll.


                                Christian life.




242                          O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-                 

ODR                       The Sacred mirror : meeting God in Scripture




242                          Roger, Brother

ROG                       Afire with love: meditations on peace and unity/


                                Brother Roger, 1915 - 2005

                                Community of Taize





242                          Rupp, Joyce.

RUP                        May I have this dance? : an invitation to faithful prayer throughout the year / Joyce Rupp.


                                Devotional exercises.




242                          Teresa, Mother, 1910-1997.                                

TER                         Words to love by …






242                          Thomas a Kempis, edited with an introd. by Thomas Samuel Kepler 1897- 

THO                       The Imitation of Christ     




242                          Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941                                           

UND                       The School of Charity. Meditations on the Christian Creed;

                                                The Mystery of Sacrifice. A Meditation on the Liturgy.  




242                          Vanier, Jean, 1928-

VAN                       The Broken Body: Journey to Wholeness.



                                Suffering–Religious aspects–Christianity–Meditations

                                Christian life—1960-




242                          Waldron, Robert G.

WAL                       Thomas Merton : master of attention : an exploration of prayer / Robert Waldron.


                                Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.


                                Prayer – Christianity ;

                                Christian life ;




242.2                       Bell, John L. and Mairi Munro

BEL                         A Wee Worship Book





242.2                       Newell, Philip J.

NEW                      Each Day & each night



                                Devotional calendars –Celtic Church.

                                Celtic Church –Prayers and devotions.




242.2                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Bread for the journey : a daybook of wisdom and faith / J.M. Henri Nouwen.



                                Devotional calendars.




242.2                       Peterson, Eugene

PET                         Praying with Paul : a year of daily prayers and reflections on the words…


                                Paul, the Apostle, Saint –Prayers and devotions.

                                Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul –Devotional literature.

                                Devotional calendars.




242.2                       Rupp, Joyce: illustrations by Jane Pitz

RUP                        The cup of our life: a guide for spiritual growth


                                Devotional Calendars




242.3                       The Journey - stories and prayers for the Christian year from people of the First

JOU                                         Nations




242.3                       O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       Heralds of God


                                Christian saints–Meditations

                                Fasts and feasts—Meditations




242.34                     Hardy, Nancy, Elliott, Trisha

HAR                       Singing a song of faith : daily reflections for Lent /


                                Lent–Prayers and devotions–English

                                United Church of Canada–Prayers and devotions–English

                                Devotional calendars–United Church of Canada




242.34                     Neill, Stephen, 1900-1984.                                 

NEI                         One Increasing Purpose: Lenten Meditations


                                Lent – Prayer-books and devotions.




242.4                       Bohler, Carolyn Stahl, 1948 -

BOH                       Opening to God: guided imagery meditation on Scripture for individuals and groups.


                                Devotional Exercises

                                Meditation - Christianity

                                Spiritual Live - Christianity




242.4                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Our greatest gift : a meditation on dying and caring / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Death–Religious aspects–Catholic Church.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




242.5                       C. S. Lewis, (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.

LEW                       Grief Observed.


                                Davidman, Joy.

                                Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963–Religion.


                                Bereavement–Religious aspects–Christianity.




242.5                       Page, Christopher

PAG                        Christ wisdom : spiritual practice in the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer


                                Jesus Christ–Teachings–Meditations


                                Lord’s prayer–Meditations

                                Spiritual life–Christianity




242.643                   Stewart, Dorothy   compiler

STE                         Women of Prayer: an anthology of everyday prayers from women around the world



                                Woman - Prayers and devotions




242.72                     Paton, Alan

PAT                        Instrument of thy peace : the Prayer of St. Francis


                                Prayer of St. Francis




242.722                   Crossan, John Dominic.

CRO                       The greatest prayer : rediscovering the revolutionary message of the Lord’s Prayer


                                Lord’s prayer –Meditations.




242.8                       Adam, David, 1936-, illustrators Peter Dingle and Jenny Pearson

ADA                       Tides and Seasons: Modern prayers in the Celtic tradition



                                Christian life Prayers





242.8                       Adam, David

ADA                       Power lines : Celtic prayers about work.







242.8                       Barclay, William, 1907-1978.            

BAR                        The Plain Man’s Book of Prayers  ( A book of everyday prayers)






242.8                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Heart speaks to heart : three prayers to Jesus / by Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Catholic Church–Prayers and devotions.

                                Sacred Heart, Devotion to.




242.8                       Quoist, Michel.

QUO                       Prayers. Translated by Agnes M. Forsyth and Anne Marie de Commaille.


                                Devotional literature.





242.8                       Taize, Community of Taize

TAI                         Prayer for each day


                                Community of Taize


                                Devotional Calendars




242.8                       Taize

TAI                         Songs and prayers from Taizʹe.


                                Christianity Public worship




246                          Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Behold the beauty of the Lord : praying with icons / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Rublev, Andreĭ, Saint, d. ca. 1430.

                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.

                                Icons –Meditations.

                                Icons, Russian –Meditations.





246                          Steffler, Alva William, 1934-

STE                         Symbols of the Christian faith / Alva William Steffler.


                                Christian art and symbolism.




246                          Williams, Rowan, 1950-

WIL                        The dwelling of the light : praying with icons of Christ / Rowan Williams



                                Christianity and art–Orthodox Eastern Church





248                          Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945.                      

BON                       Life Together       


                                 Christian life.




248                          Bourgeault, Cynthia.

BOU                        The wisdom way of knowing : reclaiming an ancient tradition to awaken the heart



                                Wisdom–Religious aspects–Christianity.




248                          Harpur, Tom                       

HAR                       Harpur’s Heaven and Hell



                                Christian life




248                          Lewis, C. S.                           Clive Staples                       

LEW                       Surprised by joy: the shape of my early life


                                 Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963 –Childhood and youth.

                                 Authors, English –20th century –Biography.

                                 Anglican converts –England –Biography.

                                 Christian biography –England.

                                 England –Social life and customs –20th century.




248                          Lewis, C.S.                           

LEW                       Surprised by Joy

c.2                           London, Geoffrey Bless, 1955






248                          Newell, J. Philip

NEW                      A new harmony : the spirit, the earth, and the human soul / John Philip…






248                          Nouwen, Henri

NOU                       The living reminder : service and prayer in memory of Jesus Christ / Henri…


                                Clergy –Religious life.




248                          Rolheiser, Ronald.

ROL                        The holy longing : the search for a Christian spirituality


                                 Spirituality –Catholic Church.




248                          Rolheiser, Ronald

ROL                        Against an infinite horizon : the finger of God in our everyday lives


                                 Meaning (Philosophy) –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Spiritual life.

                                 Experience (Religion)

                                 Holy, The.




248                          Weil, Simone, 1909-1943.                                 

WEI                        Waiting on God. 


                                 God (Christianity) –Worship and love.




248.08                     George, K. M.                      

GEO                        The Silent Roots: Orthodox Perspectives on Christian Spirituality


                                 Orthodox Eastern Church –Doctrines.

                                 Spirituality –Orthodox Eastern Church.




248.08                     Moine de l’Eglise d’Orient, 1893-1980.           

MOI                        Orthodox spirituality : an outline of the Orthodox ascetical and mystical tradition

                                                 by a Monk of the Eastern Church.


                                 Spiritual life –Orthodox Eastern Church.

                                 Ascetism –Orthodox Eastern Church.

                                 Mysticism –Orthodox Eastern Church.




248.089                   O’Donohue, John, 1956-2008.

ODO                       Anam cara : a book of Celtic wisdom / John O’Donohue.


                                Spiritual life.


                                Friendship–Religious aspects.




248.2                       Leech, Kenneth

LEE                         Soul friend : a study of spirituality / Kenneth Leech.


                                Spiritual direction.

                                Christian life Religious experiences




248.2                       Muto, Susan, 1942-

MUT                       Divine guidance : seeking to find and follow the will of God / Susan Muto and Adrian van Kaam.


                                Providence and government of God–Christianity.

                                God (Christianity)–Will.

                                Christian life–Catholic authors.




248.2                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       In memoriam / Henri J. M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.






248.20                     Vanauken, Sheldon            

VAN                       A Severe Mercy


                                 Vanauken, Sheldon.

                                 Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963 –Correspondence.

                                 Anglicans –United States –Biography.

                                 Anglicans –England –Biography.




248.22                     Bourgeault, Cynthia.

BOU                        Mystical hope : trusting in the mercy of God /


                                Hope –Religious aspects –Christianity.





248.22                     Burrows, Ruth

BUR                        Ascent to love : the spiritual teaching of St. John of the Cross / Ruth Burrows.


                                John of the Cross, Saint, 1542-1591 ;

                                Christian life Mysticism John of the Cross, Saint ;



248.22                     Fox, Matthew, 1940-(commentary)  Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179 (text).

FOX                        Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen  - Selections.


                                 Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179.


                                 Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval –Themes, motives.




248.22                     Grant, Patrick, editor

GRA                       A Dazzling Darkness: An Anthology of Western Mysticism



                                Mysticism–Addresses, essays, lectures




248.22                     Jantzen, Grace

JAN                        Julian of Norwich : mystic and theologian


                                Julian, of Norwich, b. 1343.

                                Devotional literature, English (Middle) –History and criticism.

                                Mysticism –England –History –Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                Women and literature –England –History –To 1500.

                                Women mystics –England –Biography.

                                Hermits –England –Biography.




248.22                     John of the Cross, Saint, 1542-1591.

JOH                        The dark night of the soul / St John of the Cross ;


                                Mysticism–Catholic Church.




248.22                     Kempe, Margery

KEM                       The book of Margery Kempe / translated by B.A. Windeatt.


                                Kempe, Margery, b. ca. 1373.

                                Authors, English –Middle English, 1100-1500 –Biography.

                                Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages –Early works to 1800.

                                Mysticism –England –History –Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                Christian women –Religious life –England.




248.22                     Julian, of Norwich, 1343;  paraphrased by Ralph Milton

MIL                         The essence of Julian; a paraphrase of Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love


                                Julian of Norwich

                                Devotional literature, English (Middle)




248.22                     Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941                           

UND                       The essentials of mysticism, and other essays






248.22                     Upjohn, Sheila

UPJ                         In Search of Julian of Norwich


                                 Julian, of Norwich, b. 1343.

                                 Christian life Mysticism Julian of Norwich, 1343?-1443 Biographies




248.24                     Temple, Gray, 1941-

TEM                        The molten soul : dangers and opportunities in religious conversion






248.29                     The way of a pilgrim and The pilgrim continues his way

FRE                         New York : Seabury Press, [1974?]


                                Jesus prayer.

                                Spiritual life–Orthodox Eastern Church.




248.3                       Barry, William A.

BAR                        Finding God in all things : a companion to The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius / William A. Barry.


                                Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556. Exercitia spiritualia.

                                Spiritual exercises.




248.3                       Bourgeault, Cynthia

BOU                        Centering prayer and inner awakening






248.3                       Casey, Michael, 1942-                                        

CAS                        Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina


                                 Benedictines –Spiritual life.

                                 Catholic Church –Doctrines.

                                 Bible –Reading.

                                 Bible –Devotional use.

                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church.

                                 Lectio divina.




248.3                       De Mello, Anthony, 1931 -

DEM                       Sadhana, a way to God: Christian exercises in Eastern form


                                Spiritual Exercises




248.3                       De Mello, Anthony, 1931-1987.

DEM                       Wellsprings : a book of spiritual exercises / Anthony de Mello.


                                Spiritual exercises.




248.3                       Elliott, Charles    

ELL                         Praying the Kingdom: Towards a Political Spirituality



                                 Christian life Prayer

                                 Prayer –Christianity.

                                 Meditation –Christianity.

                                 Spiritual exercises.

                                 Kingdom of God.




248.3                       English, John J.

ENG                       Spiritual freedom : from an experience of the Ignatian exercises to the art of spiritual guidance


                                Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556. Exercitia spiritualia.

                                Spiritual exercises.

                                Spiritual direction.




248.3                       Finding grace at the center

FIN                         Still River, Mass. : St. Bede Publications, c1978.






248.3                       Green, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry), 1932-

GRE                        When the well runs dry : prayer beyond the beginnings


                                Prayer–Catholic Church.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.3                       Hall, Thelma.

HAL                       Too deep for words : rediscovering Lectio Divina


                                Bible–Devotional use.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.





248.3                       Hardon, John A.

HAR                       Retreat with the Lord : a popular guide to the Spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola


                                Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556. Exercitia spiritualia.

                                Spiritual exercises.

                                Spiritual retreats.




248.3                       Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556.

IGN                        The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius : a literal translation and a contemporary reading


                                Spiritual exercises.




248.3                       Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556.

IGN                        The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius :


                                Spiritual exercises.




248.3                       Leech, Kenneth

LEE                         True prayer : an introduction to Christian spirituality / Kenneth Leech.


                                Prayer –Church of England.

                                Spirituality –Church of England.

                                Church of England –Doctrines.

                                Anglican Communion –Doctrines.



248.3                       MacDonald, Hope                                              

MAC                      Discovering How to Pray


                                 Prayer –Christianity.




248.3                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       With open hands. Text by Henri J. M. Nouwen.






248.3                       Shoemaker, Helen Smith                                  

SHO                        The Exploding the Mystery of Prayer


                                 Christian life –Anglican authors.

                                 Prayer –Christianity.




248.3                       Squire, Aelred.

SQU                        Asking the fathers / Aelred Squire.


                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.

                                Prayer –Catholic Church.




248.3                       Tanner, Anne

TAN                       Practical prayer : making space for God in everyday life






248.32                     Baycroft, John

BAY                        The Way of Prayer






248.32                     Delio, Ilia.

DEL                        Franciscan prayer / Ilia Delio.


                                Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.




248.32                     Klink, J. L. (Johanna Louise) 1918 - 2008 

KLI                         The Still Small Voice


                                Children – Religious life.


                                Children Christian life Prayer




248.32                     *O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       Prayer among friends / Herbert O’Driscoll


                                Compact Disc - Audio recording



                                Prayer–Anglican Communion




248.34                     Keating, Thomas.

KEA                        Open mind, open heart : the contemplative dimension of the Gospel / Thomas Keating.







248.34                     Keating, Thomas.

KEA                        Invitation to love : the way of Christian contemplation / Thomas Keating.






248.34                     Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968

MER                       Contemplative Prayer        Introduction by Thich Nhat Hanh


                                 Meditation –Catholic Church.

                                 Prayer –Christianity.






248.34                     Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968

MER                       New seeds of contemplation.


                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




248.4                       Ellul, Jacques, 1912-1994.

ELL                         The presence of the Kingdom.


                                Christian life.

                                Church and social problems.




248.4                       Holloway, Richard

HOL                       Dancing on the edge : [faith in a post-Christian age]



                                 Christian life ;



248.4                       Llewelyn, Robert, 1909-2008.

LLE                         Julian woman of our day / edited by Robert Llewelyn.


                                Julian, of Norwich, b. 1343.

                                Devotional literature, English (Middle) –History and criticism.

                                Mysticism –England –History –Middle Ages, 600-1500.




248.4                       McNeill, Donald P.

MCN                      Compassion, a reflection on the Christian life


                                Sympathy–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Christianity and justice.




248.4                       Miller, Keith.

MIL                         The taste of new wine / Keith Miller ; foreword by Henri Nouwen.


                                Christian life.




248.4                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Can you drink the cup? / Henri J.M. Nouwen ; [illustrations by Jane Pitz].


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




248.4                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       The Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery


                                 Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




248.4                       Nouwen, Henri, Donald P. McNeill  and Douglas A. Morrison                                

NOU                       Compassion:  A Reflection on the Christian Life


                                 Sympathy –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Christianity and justice.




248.4                       Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Reaching out : the three movements of the spiritual life / Henri J. M. Nouwen.


                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.4                       Roger, frère, 1915-2005  (Brother Roger of Taizé)        

ROG                       Living today for God


                                 Monastic and religious life.

                                 Monasticism and religious orders, Protestant.

                                 Christian life




248.4                       Vanier, Jean, 1928-

VAN                       Community & growth : our pilgrimage together


                                 Christian life –Catholic authors.

                                 Christian communities.




248.46                     McLaren, Brian D., 1956-

MCL                       Finding our way again : the return of the ancient practices / Brian McLaren.



                                Spiritual direction–History.




248.482                   Chittister, Joan.

CHI                        Becoming fully human : the greatest glory of God / Joan Chittister.


                                Spirituality–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Fox, Matthew, 1940-

FOX                        A spirituality named compassion and the healing of the global village,

                                                Humpty Dumpty, and us


                                Spiritual life.

                                Caring –Religious aspects.




248.482                   Fox, Matthew, 1940-

FOX                        Original blessing : a primer in creation spirituality :



                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Hernandez, Wil.

HER                        Henri Nouwen : a spirituality of imperfection / Wil Hernandez.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.

                                Spiritual formation.

                                Perfection–Religious aspects–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

MER                       No man is an island


                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




248.482                   Muto, Susan Annette.

MUT                       Commitment : key to Christian maturity / by Susan Muto and Adrian van Kaam.


                                Christian life–Catholic authors.

                                Laity–Catholic Church.

                                Commitment to the church.




248.482                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Here and now : living in the Spirit / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.





248.482                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Henri Nouwen : writings / selected with an introduction by Robert A. Jonas.


                                Christian life–Catholic authors.




248.482                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Life of the beloved : spiritual living in a secular world / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Making all things new: an invitation to the spiritual life / Henri J. M. Nouwen.


                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       The return of the prodigal son : a story of homecoming / Henry J.M. Nouwen


                                Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669. Return of the prodigal son.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




248.482                   Ó Murchú, Diarmuid

OMU                      Reclaiming spirituality : a new spiritual framework for today’s world


                                Spirituality - Catholic Church




248.482                   Quoist, Michel                     

QUO                       The Meaning of Success  


                                Christian life –Catholic authors.




248.482                   Quoist, Michel          D. Gray (Translator)       

QUO                       The Christian response



                                Conduct of life.

                                Christian life.




248.482                   Vanderwall, Francis W.

VAN                       Spiritual direction : an invitation to abundant life


                                Spiritual direction.




248.482                   Vanier, Jean, 1928-              

VAN                       Followers of Jesus


                                Christian life–Catholic authors




248.482                   Vanier, Jean, 1928-

VAN                       Be not afraid / by Jean Vanier.


                                Christian life–Catholic authors.




248.484                   Ford, David

FOR                        The shape of living : spiritual directions for everyday life


                                Christian life–Anglican authors.




248.486                   Carter, Jimmy, 1924-

CAR                       Living faith


                                 Christian life –Baptist authors.




248.489                   Guilley, Philip

GUI                         If God is love : rediscovering grace in an ungracious world



                                Grace (Theology)

                                Christian life–Quaker authors.




248.84                     Ó Murchú, Diarmuid.

OMU                      Adult faith : growing in wisdom and understanding / Diarmuid O’Murchu.


                                Life cycle, Human–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Maturation (Psychology)–Religious aspects–Christianity.






248.86                     Rolheiser, Ronald.

ROL                        The shattered lantern : rediscovering a felt presence of God / Ronald Rolheiser.






248.863                   Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Adam, God’s beloved / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Arnett, Adam, 1961-1996.

                                Arche (Association)–Biography.

                                People with mental disabilities–Canada–Biography.





248.89                     Nouwen, Henri

NOU                       The way of the heart : desert spirituality and contemporary ministry


                                Apophthegmata Patrum.

                                Pastoral theology.

                                Clergy –Office.

                                Christian life.

                                Christian literature, Early.




248.89                     Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Clowning in Rome : reflections on solitude, celibacy, prayer, and contemplation


                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.

                                Monastic and religious life.




250                          Nouwen, Henri J. M.                                                          

NOU                       Creative Ministry


                                 Pastoral theology.




250                          Robinson, Anthony B.

ROB                        Changing the conversation : a third way for congregations / Anthony B. Robinson.



                                Church renewal.




251                          Capon, Robert Farrar

CAP                        The foolishness of preaching : proclaiming the Gospel against the wisdom of the world






251                          Coggan, Donald, 1909 - 2000

COG                       On Preaching






251.62                     O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                       The word today : reflections on the readings of the revised common lectionary


                Year A Vol. 1        (1998)

                Year C Vol. 2        (2001)

                Year C Vol 3         (2001)

                Year B Vol 1          (1999)


                Lenten sermons–Outlines, syllabi, etc.

                Holy-Week sermons–Outlines, syllabi, etc.


                Holy Week–Meditations

                Bible–Liturgical lessons, English




252.03                     Montefiore, Hugh.

MON                      Truth to tell: a radical restatement of Christian faith.


                                Church of England–Sermons.

                                Sermons, English.




252.04                     Tillich, Paul

TIL                          The shaking of the foundations [sermons]


                                Sermons, American –20th century.




252.04                     Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.                     

TIL                          The New Being:


                                 Sermons, American –20th century.




253                          Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       The wounded healer; ministry in contemporary society


                                Pastoral theology.




253                          Peel, Donald        

PEE                         The Ministry of Listening; Team Visiting in Hospital and  Home


                                Church work with the sick

                                Lay ministry

                                Group ministry




253                          Valentine, Barry

VAL                        The gift that is in you: a model for wholeness in ministry


                                Pastoral theology

                                Theology, Practical

                                Pastoral theology–Anglican Communion




253.53                     Dougherty, Rose Mary, 1939-

DOU                       Group spiritual direction : community for discernment / Rose Mary Dougherty.


                                Spiritual direction.

                                Church group work.

                                Discernment of spirits.




253.53              Fryling, Alice.

FRY                 Seeking God together : an introduction to group spiritual direction / Alice Fryling.


                         Church group work.

                         Spiritual direction–Christianity.

                         Spiritual formation.

                         Discipling (Christianity)




253.53                     Guenther, Margaret, 1930-

GUE                        Holy listening : the art of spiritual direction / Margaret Guenther ; [preface by Alan Jones].


                                Guenther, Margaret, 1930-

                                Spiritual direction.

                                Women–Religious life.




253.53                     Sellner, Edward Cletus.

SEL                         Mentoring : the ministry of spiritual kinship / Edward C. Sellner.


                                Spiritual direction.




254                          Woods, Charles Jeffrey, 1958-

WOO                      We’ve never done it like this before : 10 creative approaches to the same old church tasks


                                Church work.

                                Christian leadership.




254.2                       Schaller, Lyle

SCH                        The small church is different!


                                Small churches.




254.7                       Giles, Richard

GIL                         Re-pitching the tent : re-ordering the church building for worship and mission


                                Church facilities–Planning.

                                Church architecture–Designs and plans.

                                Liturgy and architecture.




255                          Cummings, Charles, 1940-                                               

CUM                      Monastic practices ; illustrations by M. Bernarda Seferovich.


                                 Monastic and religious life.

                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




255.10                     Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino

BEN                        St. Benedict’s rule for monks : selected passages from the Rule of St. Benedict


                                 Benedictines –Rules.




255.10                     Chittister, Joan D.                                               

CHI                        Wisdom distilled from the Daily:  living the Rule of St. Benedict today


                                 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.

                                 Benedictines –Rules.

                                 Benedictines –Spiritual life.

                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church.




255.10                     Dean, Eric, 1924-                                 

DEA                        Saint Benedict for the Laity


                                 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.

                                 Christian life –Catholic authors.




255.10                     De Waal, Esther

DEW                       A Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict


                                 Benedictines – Rules.

                                 Monastic and religious life.

                                 Christianity Religious life

                                 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.

                                 Monasticism and religious orders –Rules.

                                 Spiritual life —Christianity.




255.106                   Barry, Patrick

BAR                        Wisdom from the monastery : the Rule of St. Benedict for everyday life


                                Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.

                                Benedictines–Spiritual life.

                                Spiritual life–Catholic Church.




255.106                   De Waal, Esther

DEW                       Seeking God: the Way of St. Benedict


                                 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.

                                 Monasticism and religious orders –Rules.




255.106                   De Wall, Esther

DEW                       Living with contradiction : reflections on the Rule of St Benedict


                                Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Regula.




255.8                       Brother Roger (prior, Roger Schutz) and Community of Taize                                

ROG                       The Rule of Taize in English and French


                                 Monasticism and religious orders, Protestant –Rules.




260                          Berton, Pierre, 1920-2004

BER                         The comfortable pew;


                                 Christianity –20th century.




261                          Newbigin, Lesslie

NEW                      The Gospel in a pluralist society / Lesslie Newbigin.


                                Christianity and culture.

                                Christianity –20th century.


                                Missions –Theory.

                                Evangelistic work –Philosophy.




261                          Williams, Rowan, 1950-

WIL                        Grace and necessity : reflections on art and love / Rowan Williams.


                                Maritain, Jacques, 1882-1973–Aesthetics.

                                O’Connor, Flannery–Criticism and interpretation.

                                Jones, David, 1895-1974–Criticism and interpretation.

                                Christianity and the arts.

                                Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)–Religious aspects–Christianity.




261.2                       Griffiths, Bede, 1906-1993.                                 

GRI                         Christ in India: essays towards a Hindu-Christian dialogue


                                 Christianity and other religions –Hinduism.

                                 Hinduism –Relations –Christianity.




261.2                       Ingham, Michael

ING                        Mansions of the spirit : the Gospel in a multi-faith world


                                Christianity and other religions




261.2                       Oxtoby, Willard Gurdon. with a preface by Hans Küng

OXT                        The Meaning of Other Faiths


                                 Christianity and other religions.




261.55                     Polkinghorne, J. C., 1930-                                 

POL                        Faith, Science and Understanding


                                 Religion and science.




261.6                       Niebuhr, H. Richard (Helmut Richard), 1894-1962                      

NIE                         Christ and Culture


                                 Christianity and culture.




261.7                       Crossan, John Dominic.

CRO                       God and empire : Jesus against Rome, then and now


                                                Jesus Christ–Person and offices.

                                                Christianity and politics.

                                                Christianity and culture.

                                                Power (Christian theology)

                                                Church history.

                                                Rome–History–Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D.

                                                United States–Politics and government.




261.7                       Wink, Walter.

WIN                       When the powers fall : reconciliation in the healing of nations / Walter Wink.


                                Reconciliation–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Violence–Biblical teaching.

                                Church and state.

                                Powers (Christian theology)–Biblical teaching.




261.8                       De Roo, Remi J.    and Thomas R. Berger (Foreword), Bede Hubbard (Editor)

DER                        Cries of Victims: Voice of God


                                 Catholic Church - -Canada.

                                 Economics – Religious aspects – Catholic Church.

                                 Church and social problems – Catholic Church.

                                 Church and social problems – Canada.

                                 Canada – Social conditions.




261.8                       Leddy, Mary Jo, 1946-

LED                        Say to the darkness, we beg to differ


                                Leddy, Mary Joanna, 1946-

                                Church and social problems–Catholic Church




261.8                       Leddy, Mary Jo

LED                        The other face of God : when the stranger calls us home / Mary Jo Leddy.


                                Romero House (Toronto, Ont.)

                                Church work with refugees –Canada.




261.8                       Wilson, Lois, 1927-                             

WIL                        Like a Mighty River


                                Church and social problems

                                Developing countries–Social conditions




261.809                   Boesak, Allan Aubrey, 1946-                            

BOE                        If This is Ttreason, I am Guilty


                                 Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk in Suid-Afrika.

                                 Race relations –Religious aspects –Reformed Church –Sermons.

                                 Reformed Church –Doctrines –Sermons.

                                 Reformed Church –Sermons.

                                 Sermons, English –20th century.

                                 South Africa –Race relations –Sermons.




261.83                     Fortune, Marie M.              

FOR                        Keeping the faith: questions and answers for the abused woman


                                 Church work with abused women.




261.83                     Gutierrez, Gustavo  1928-    [translated by Robert R. Barr from the Spanish]

GUT                        The power of the poor in history: selected writings


                                Church and social problems-Latin America.

                                Poor-Latin America.




261.83                     McClure, Robert B. (Robert Baird), 1900-    and Forrest, Diane, 1955-

MCC                      Vintage McClure


                                Church and social problems




261.83                     McNeill, John J.                                   

MCN                      The Church and the Homosexual


                                 Homosexuality –Religious aspects –Catholic Church.

                                 Homosexuality in the Bible.

                                 Church work with gays –United States.





261.83                     Santa Ana, Julio de

SAN                        Good news to the poor : the challenge of the poor in the history of the church


                                 Church work with the poor –History.

                                 Poor –Biblical teaching.




261.83                     Vanier, Jean, 1928-               foreword by Henri J. M. Nouwen

VAN                       Man and Woman He Made Them


                                People with mental disabilities–Sexual behavior–Moral and ethical aspects

                                People with mental disabilities–Sexual behavior

                                Interpersonal relations

                                Intimacy (Psychology)

                                 Arche (Association)

                                 Sex –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 People with mental disabilities.




261.834                   Clark, Elizabeth Ann, 1938-, and Herbert Warren Richardson. 

CLA                        Women and religion : a feminist sourcebook of Christian thought


                                 Women –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Women in Christianity –History.

                                 Feminist theology –History.




261.834                   Hendry, Charles E., 1903-                                                                 

HEN                       Beyond traplines : does the church really care? :


                                 Anglican Church of Canada –Missions.

                                 Indians of North America –Missions –Canada.

                                 Inuit –Missions –Canada.

                                Church work with Indians–Anglican Church of Canada

                                Church work with Indians–Canada

                                Anglican Church of Canada–Missions

                                Native peoples–Missions–Canada




261.85                     Gregory Baum, Duncan Cameron.

BAU                        Ethics and economics : Canada’s Catholic bishops on the economic crisis


                                 Church and social problems –Canada.

                                 Church and social problems –Catholic Church.

                                 Canada –Economic policy –Moral and ethical aspects.




261.88                     McFague, Sallie.

MCF                       A new climate for theology : God, the world, and global warming / Sallie McFague.


                                Global warming–Religious aspects–Christianity.




262.001                   Leech, Kenneth

LEE                         Subversive orthodoxy : traditional faith and radical commitment / Kenneth Leech.


                                Church renewal.




262.001                   Macquarrie, John

MAC                      Christian unity and Christian diversity / [by] John Macquarrie.


                                Christian union.

                                Christianity and other religions.




262.001                   Mead, Loren B.                     with research assistance of Elisa L. DesPortes.

MEA                       New hope for congregations; a Project Test Pattern book in parish development


                                 Project Test Pattern.

                                 Church renewal.




262.001                   Mead, Loren B.                                    

MEA                       The Once and Future Church…


                                 Mission of the church.

                                 Church and the world.

                                 Pastoral theology.

                                 Missions –Theory.




262.001                   Mead, Loren B.

MEA                       More than numbers : the ways churches grow / Loren B. Mead.


                                Church growth.




262.001                   Mead, Loren B.

MEA                       Transforming congregations for the future / Loren B. Mead.


                                Mission of the church–United States.

                                Church renewal–United States.




262.001                   Stuchbery, Ian                                     

STU                         Growing in Christ : new patterns of initiation and education in the parish community


                                 Christian education.

                                 Church renewal –Anglican Church of Canada.




262.008                   Ruether, Rosemary Radford                             

RUE                        Women-church: theology and practice of feminist liturgical communities


                                 Christian women –Religious life.


                                 Patriarchy –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 Feminism –Religious aspects –Christianity.






262.2                       Russell, Keith A.

RUS                        In search of the church : New Testament images for tomorrow’s congregations / Keith A. Russell.


                                                Mission of the church.

                                                Church and the world.

                                                Church history–Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600.

                                                Church–Biblical teaching.




262.5                       Küng, Hans          

KUN                       The Council and Reunion   


                                 Catholic Church –Relations. [from old catalog]

                                 Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)

                                 Christian union.




262.7                       Küng, Hans, 1928- , [translated from the German by Ray and Rosaleen Ockenden].

KUN                       The Church          






262.8                       Küng, Hans, 1928-

KUN                       The church, maintained in truth : a theological meditation/ Hans Küng ;


                                Catholic Church–Infallibility.





264                          Community of Taize [translated by Emily Chisholm].

COM                      Praise in  all our days: common prayer at Taize.






264                          Johnstone, Verney Lovett, 1905-1948.

JOH                        The story of the prayer book in England and America,


                                Church of England. Book of common prayer.

                                Episcopal Church Book of common prayer.




264.02                     Post, W. Ellwood  (Willard Ellwood)                                             

POS                         The Complete Acolyte


                                 Acolytes –Catholic Church –Handbooks, manuals, etc.




264.03                     Church of England

CHU                       The First and Second Prayer Books of Edward VI  (Everyman’s Library)




264.03                     Church of the Province of New Zealand

CHU                       A New Zealand prayer: the Anglican church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia


                                                church of the Province of New Zealand - Liturgy and ritual

                                                Anglican communion - New Zealand - Liturgy and ritual

                                                Lord’s Supper




264.03                     Dearmer, Percy                   

DEA                        The story of the Prayerbook in the old and new world and throughout the Anglican church


                                 Church of England. Book of common prayer –History.




264.03                     Dix, (Dom)  Gregory                          

DIX                         The Shape of the Liturgy


                                 Lord’s Supper (Liturgy)

                                 Lord’s Supper –History.




264.03                     Richard Giles, 1940-

GIL                         Creating uncommon worship : transforming the liturgy of the Eucharist / Richard Giles.


                                Lord’s Supper (Liturgy) ;

                                 Anglican Communion – Liturgy ;




264.03                     Ingham, Michael

ING                        Rites for a new age : understanding the Book of  alternative services


                                Anglican Church of Canada.  -

                                                Book of alternative services of the Anglican Church of Canada




264.03                     O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-                                 

ODR                       Heritage: A Tale of Two Books


                                Anglican Communion–Liturgy–Texts–History and criticism

                                Anglican Church of Canada–Prayer-books and  devotions–History and criticism

                                Anglican Church of Canada. Book of common prayer–History

                                Anglican Church of Canada. The book of alternative services of the Anglican Church of Canada–                                                 History




264.03                     O’Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-

ODR                      For all seasons


                                Anglican Church of Canada. Liturgy and ritual—Calendar




264.03                     Robinson,. John A. T., (John Arthur Thomas), 1919-1983.

ROB                        Liturgy Coming to Life


                                 Clare College (University of Cambridge)

                                 Lord’s Supper (Liturgy).




264.07                     Wallwork, C. N. R. (Norman),  compiled by                

WAL                       A Book of Vestry Prayers


                                Methodist Church (Great Britain) – Prayer-books and devotions – English.

                                Methodist Church (Great Britain) Public worship Vestry prayer




264.13                     Pearson, Roy

PEA                        Prayers for all occasions : for pastors and lay leaders / Roy Pearson.






264.2                       Taizé

TAI                         Praying together : in word and song / Taizé



                                 Hymns, English.

                                 Christian life Prayers Collections

                                 Christian church Public worship Hymns Collections




264.23                     Harvey, Peter, 1916-

HAR                       Glory, laud and honour : favourite hymns and their stories / Peter Harvey.


                                Hymns, English – History and criticism.




264.34                     Wallace, James A., 1944-                                    

WAL                       The Ministry of Lectors


                                 Lay readers.




265                          Baker, A. Gordon

BAK                        Do This.

                                                An Analysis Of The Basic Structure Of The Eucharist

                                                And How It Relates To Our Culture.


                                Anglican Church of Canada. Liturgy and ritual

                                Lord’s Supper–Anglican Church of Canada




265.6                       Thurian, Max

THU                       Confession



                                Sacraments - Catholic church




266.37                     Hadley, Michael L.                                             

HAD                       God’s little ships : a history of the Columbia Coast Mission


                                Columbia Coast Mission –History.

                                Anglican Church of Canada –Missions.

                                Missions –British Columbia –History.

                                Boats and boating in missionary work –British Columiba.

                                Missions, Medical–British Columbia–History




266.79                     Howard, Oliver R., 1927-

HOW                      Godships


                                United Church of Canada – Missions – British Columbia.

                                Indians of North America – Missions – British Columbia.

                                Boats and boating in missionary work – British Columbia.

                                United Church of Canada–Missions–Pacific Coast  (Canada)—History




267                          Roger, frère, 1915-2005

ROG                       A life we never dared hope for : journal 1972-1974 / by Brother Roger of Taizé ;


                                Roger, frère, 1915-2005

                                Communauté de Taizé.

                                Brothers (Religious) – France – Biography.

                                France Taizé Men’s religious communities 





267.23                     Roger, Brother of Taize  ( Roger, frère, 1915-2005 )                     

ROG                       Festival Without End Journal, 1969-70            Translation of: Ta fête soit sans fin.


                                Roger, frère, 1915-2005

                                Communauté de Taizé.

                                Brothers (Religious) – France – Biography.

                                France Taizé Men’s religious communities 

                                Brother Correspondence, diaries




267.23                     Roger, frère, 1915-2005

ROG                       A heart that trusts : journal 1979-1981 /


                                Roger, frère, 1915-2005

                                Communauté de Taizé.

                                Brothers (Religious) – France – Biography.

                                France Taizé Men’s religious communities 

                                Brother Correspondence, diaries




267.23                     Roger, (Brother)   Roger, frère, 1915-2005                                      

ROG                       Taizé : trust, forgiveness, reconciliation / texts by Brother Roger.


                                 Communauté de Taizé.

                                 France Taizé Men’s religious communities Communaute de Taizé




267.23                     Roger, frère, 1915-2005       (Roger, Brother of Taize)

ROG                       The Wonder of a Love: A Letter from Brother Roger of Taize ( journal 1974-1976 )


                                Roger, frère, 1915-2005

                                Communauté de Taizé.

                                Brothers (Religious) – France – Biography.

                                France Taizé Men’s religious communities 

                                Brother Correspondence, diaries




270                          Bettenson, Henry Scowcroft.             selected and edited by

BET                         Documents of the Christian Church / selected and edited by Henry Bettenson.


                                 Church history –Sources.




270                          Gascoigne, Bamber

GAS                        A brief history of Christianity / Bamber Gascoigne.


                                Church history.




270                          Gascoigne, Bamber.

GAS                        The Christians / Bamber Gascoigne ; with photos. by Christina Gascoigne.


                                Church history.




270                          The History Channel

HIS                         History of Christianity


                                set of 8 DVDs




270                          Neill, Stephen, 1900-1984.                                                 

NEI                         The Christian Society


                                 Church history.




270                          Southern, R. W. (Richard William), 1912-                                      

SOU                        Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages


                                 Church history –Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                 Civilization, Medieval.




270.089                   Newell, J. Philip

NEW                      Listening for the heartbeat of God : a Celtic spirituality / J. Philip Newell.


                                Peter, the Apostle, Saint.

                                John, the Apostle, Saint.

                                Spirituality –Celtic Church.

                                Celtic Church –Doctrines.

                                Celts –Religion.




270.09                     Yancey, Philip

YAN                       Soul Survivor: How My Faith survived the Church


                                Christian biography.





270.1                       Brown, Raymond Edward

BRO                        The churches the apostles left behind


                                Bible. N.T. –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Church history –Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600.


                                Church –Biblical teaching.

                                Church –History of doctrines –Early church, ca. 30-600.

                                Pastoral theology –Biblical teaching.

                                Pastoral theology –History of doctrines –Early church, ca. 30-600.




270.1                       Crossan, John Dominic

CRO                       The Birth of Christianity


                                 Jesus Christ –Resurrection.

                                 Christianity –Origin.




270.20                     Bradley, Ian C.,  1950-

BRA                        Columba, Pilgrim and Penitent, 597-1997


                                 Christian saints – Ireland – Biography.

                                 Christian saints – Scotland – Biography.

                                 Columba, Saint, 521-597.




270.20                     Delap, Dana

DEL                        Celtic Saints / [text by Dana Delap and other partners of the Northumbria Community].


                                Christian saints, Celtic – Great Britain – Biography.

                                Christian saints, Celtic – Ireland – Biography.

                                Great Britain – Church history – 449-1066.

                                Ireland – Church history – To 1172.                               

                                Christianity Saints History

                                Great Britain




270.6                       Bainton, Roland Herbert, 1894-

BAI                         The Reformation of the Sixteen Century



                                 Church history –16th century.




270.6                       Chadwick, Owen                                

CHA                       The Reformation 






270.6                       Luther, Martin,1483-1546. 

LUT                        Three Treatises


                                To the Christian nobility of the German nation.

                                The Babylonian captivity of the Church.

                                The freedom of a Christian.




270.8                       Ellul, Jacques, 1912-1994.    translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley.

ELL                         The subversion of Christianity


                                Christianity and culture.




270.8                       McLaren, Brian D., 1956-


                                A generous orthodoxy : why I am a missional, evangelical, post/Protestant, liberal/conservative,                                                mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/                                        Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, green, incarnational, depressed-yet-hopeful, emergent, unfinished                                   Christian / Brian D. McLaren.


                                Christianity–Essence, genius, nature.




271.0                       Merton, Thomas

MER                       The wisdom of the desert : sayings from the Desert Fathers of the fourth              century


                                Spiritual life–Christianity–Quotations, maxims, etc.

                                Monastic and religious life–Quotations, maxims, etc.

                                Desert Fathers—Quotations.




271.1                       Goberna, Regina

GOB                        Our father Saint Benedict


                                 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino.

                                 Monastic and religious life.




271.1                       Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

MER                       The seven storey mountain


                                 Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

                                 Trappists –United States –Biography.





271.1                       Padovano, Anthony T.

PAD                        The human journey : Thomas Merton, symbol of a century / Anthony T. Padovano.


                                Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

                                Trappists–United States–Biography.




271.1                       Pennington, M. Basil.

PEN                        Thomas Merton, my brother : his journey to freedom, compassion, and final integration


                                Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.

                                Trappists–United States–Biography.

                                Catholic Church–Doctrines–History–20th century.

                                Spirituality–Catholic Church–History–20th century.




271.3                       Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936.

CHE                       St. Francis of Assisi / G.K. Chesterton.


                                Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226.




271.3                       De La Bedoyere, Michael, 1900-

DEL                        Francis, a biography of the Saint of Assisi.


                                 Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226




271.3                       “The Little Flowers” and “The Life of St. Francis” with the “Mirror of Perfection”

LIT                                          intro by Thomas Okey






271.3                       Moorman, John R. H. (John Richard Humpidge), 1905-                              

MOO                      St. Francis of Assisi


                                 Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226




271.97                     Doig, Desmond                                   

DOI                         Mother Teresa: her people and her work


                                 Teresa, Mother, 1910-1997.




271.97                     Muggeridge, Malcolm                                       

MUG                      Something Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta


                                 Teresa, Mother, 1910-1997

                                 Missionaries of Charity




273.1                       Jonas, Hans, 1903-1993.

JON                        The gnostic religion; the message of the alien God and the beginnings of Christianity.






273.1                       Pagels, Elaine H., 1943-

PAG                        The Gnostic Gospels


                                Nag Hammadi codices.


                                Chenoboskion  manuscripts




274                          Brown, Peter, 1935-

BRO                        The rise of Western Christendom : triumph and diversity, A.D. 200-1000 / Peter Brown.


                                Church history–Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600.

                                Church history–Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                Civilization, Medieval.




274.1                       Bradley, Ian C.

BRA                        Celtic Christianity : making myths and chasing dreams


                                Celtic Church.




274.1                       Bradley, Ian C.

BRA                        The Celtic way / Ian Bradley.


                                Celtic Church–History.


                                Great Britain–Church history–449-1066.




274.1                       Sheldrake, Philip.

SHE                        Living Between Worlds:  Place and Journey in Celtic Spirituality


                                Celts – Great Britain – Religion.

                                Christianity – Great Britain.

                                Celtic Church.

                                Christianity Spirituality

                                Great Britain

                                 Celts – Ireland – Religion.

                                 Spirituality – Great Britain – History.

                                 Spirituality – Ireland – History.

                                 Great Britain – Religious life and customs.

                                 Ireland – Religious life and customs.




274.15                     Boyd, Robin H. S.

BOY                        Ireland : Christianity discredited or pilgrim’s progress? 


                                 Christianity –Ireland.

                                 Christian union –Ireland.




274.2                       Bede, the Venerable                                           

BED                        History of the English Church and People


                                Church history –Middle Ages, 600-1500.

                                 Civilization, Anglo-Saxon.

                                 England –Church history –449-1066.




274.2                       Hunter Blair, Peter

HUN                      The world of Bede


                                Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.

                                Authors, Latin (Medieval and modern) –England –Biography.

                                Authors, English –Old English, ca. 450-1100 –Biography.

                                Monasticism and religious orders –England.

                                Christian saints –England –Biography.

                                Anglo-Saxons –Intellectual life.

                                Civilization, Anglo-Saxon.

                                Anglo-Saxons –Biography.

                                England –Church history –449-1066.




274.2                       Scarisbrick, J.J.

SCA                        The Reformation and the English people / J.J. Scarisbrick.


                                Reformation –England.

                                England –Church history –16th century.




277.1                       Elliott, Clifford A. S. (Clifford Allan Stuart), 1919-

ELL                         Speaking for themselves : hearing the gospel from the dispossessed, the undervalued, and the                                                       marginalized


                                                Christian biography–Canada.

                                                Church work with the poor–Canada–Case studies.

                                                Faith–Case studies.

                                                Marginality, Social–Canada–Case studies.

                                                Pastoral theology–Canada–Case studies.


                                                Suffering–Religious aspects–Christianity

                                                Identification (Religion)

                                                Christian life–1960-




277.3                       Bass, Diana Butler

BAS                         Christianity after religion : the end of church and the birth of a new…


                                Christianity –21st century.

                                RELIGION / General.




277.3                       Miles, Sara

MIL                         Take this bread : a radical conversion


                                Miles, Sara, 1952-

                                Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church (San Francisco, Calif.) –Biography.

                                Christian converts –United States –Biography.

                                Church work with the poor –California –San Francisco.

                                Food banks –California –San Francisco.

                                Christian life –Anglican authors.




277.3                       Sharlet, Jeff

SHA                        The family : the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power / Jeff Sharlet.


                                Fundamentalism–Political aspects–United States.

                                Christianity and politics–United States.

                                Religious right–United States.

                                Christian conservatism–United States.

                                Church and state–United States.




277.3                       Treat, James, 1962-, ed                                       

TRE                         Native and Christian :

                                                indigenous voices on religious identity in the United States and Canada


                                 Indians of North America –Religion.

                                 Indians of North America –Canada –Religion.

                                 Christianity –United States.

                                 Christianity –Canada.




277.3                       Wills, Garry, 1934-

WIL                        Head and heart : American Christianities / Garry Wills.


                                United States–Church history.




280.07                     Holloway, Richard

HOL                       Leaving Alexandria : a memoir of faith and doubt


                                Holloway, Richard, 1933-


                                Scottish Episcopal Church–Clergy.





280.4                       Bass, Diana Butler, 1959-

BAS                         Christianity for the rest of us : how the neighborhood church is transforming the faith.


                                Communities–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Church work.

                                Church membership.

                                Church growth.

                                Church renewal.




280.4                       Haiven, Judith, 1951-, foreword by Charles Templeton.                            

HAI                        Faith, hope, no charity :

                                                an inside look at the born again movement in Canada and the United States


                                Evangelistic work –United States.

                                Evangelistic work –Canada.

                                Mass media in religion –United States.

                                Mass media in religion –Canada.

                                Evangelicalism –United States.

                                Evangelicalism –Canada.





281.1                       Bainton, Roland

BAI                         Early Christianity


                                Church history –Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600.

                                Church history –Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600 –Sources.




281.5                       Every, George      with an introd. by A. M. Mundadan.                                              

EVE                        Understanding Eastern Christianity


                                 Eastern churches –History.




281.93                     Bradbury, Doris, translator

BRA                        The Russian Orthodox Church


                                Orthodox Eastern Church –Soviet Union.

                                Russkai︠a︡ pravoslavnai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovÊ?.

                                Soviet Union –Church history.




282                          Calderwood, Robert H.

CAL                        Julian’s Challenge




282                          Dues, Greg.

DUE                        Catholic customs & traditions : a popular guide / Greg Dues.


                                Catholic Church–Customs and practices.

                                Catholic Church–Liturgy.




282                          Jeffrey, John, editor

JEF                          Living the mystery : affirming Catholicism and the future of Anglicanism


                                Anglican churches Related to Catholicism




282                          John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005.

JOH                        Crossing the threshold of hope / by John Paul II ; edited by Vittorio Messori ;

                                Toronto : Knopf, 1994.


                                 John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005 –Interviews.

                                 Catholic Church –Doctrines.

                                 Spiritual life –Catholic Church –Papal documents.




282.01                     Snyder, Mary Hembrow , edited by

SNY                        Spiritual questions for the twenty-first century


                                Spirituality –Catholic Church.




282.09                     Keyes, Frances Parkinson, 1885-1970.

KEY                        Bernadette of Lourdes, shepherdess, Sister, and Saint,


                                 Bernadette, Saint, 1844-1879.




282.09                     Nouwen, Henri J. M.

NOU                       Gracias! : a Latin American journal / Henri J.M. Nouwen.


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Catholic Church –Clergy –Biography.

                                Spiritual life –Catholic Church.

                                Vocation, Ecclesiastical.

                                Bolivia –Description and travel.

                                Peru –Description and travel.




282.092                   Hernandez, Wil.

HER                        Henri Nouwen and spiritual polarities : a life of tension / Wil Hernandez.

                                New York : Paulist Press, [2012]


                                Nouwen, Henri J. M.

                                Polarity–Religious aspects–Christianity.

                                Spiritual life–Christianity.





282.092                   Ilibagiza, Immaculee

ILI                           Left to tell : discovering God amidst the Rwandan holocaust


                                Ilibagiza, Immaculée.


                                Rwanda–History–Civil War, 1994–Personal narratives.




283                          Baycroft, John                      

BAY                        The Anglican Way


                                Anglican Communion




283                          Ferry, James

FER                         In the courts of the Lord : a gay minister’s story


                                Ferry, James

                                Anglican Church of Canada–Clergy–Biography

                                Gay clergy–Ontario–Unionville–Biography

                                Anglican Church of Canada–Discipline

                                Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Anglican Church of Canada




283                          Runcie, Robert A. K. (Robert Alexander Kennedy), 1921-2000. 

RUN                       Windows onto God


                                 Church of England.

                                 Christian life – Anglican authors.

                                 Church and social problems.

                                 Anglican Communion – Doctrines.

                                 England Society Role of Church of England

                                 Church of England –Doctrines.

                                 Christian life –Anglican authors.




283                          Stuchbery, Ian

STU                         This is our faith : a guide to life and belief for Anglicans


                                Anglican Communion

                                Anglican Church of Canada

                                Christian life–Anglican authors




283.092                   Cynthia Bourgeault.

BOU                        Love is stronger than death : the mystical union of two souls


                                Bourgeault, Cynthia.

                                Future life –Christianity.

                                Love –Religious aspects –Christianity.





283.092                   Hills, George, 1816-1895.   edited by Roberta Lee Bagshaw.

HIL                         No better land : the 1860 diaries of the Anglican Colonial Bishop George Hills


                                Hills, George, 1816-1895–Diaries

                                Church of England–Bishops–Diaries

                                Church of England–Missions–British Columbia

                                Indians of North America–British Columbia–Missions

                                British Columbia–Description and travel




283.092                   McCullum, Hugh, 1932-                                    

MCC                      Radical compassion : the life and times of Archbishop Ted Scott,

                                                tenth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada (1971-1986)


                                 Scott, Edward W. (Edward Walter), 1919-

                                 Anglican Church of Canada –Clergy –Biography.





283.092                   Rice, Hugh Ashton Lawrence (author)                           

RIC                         The Bridge Builders - Nine Great Anglicans


                                The work of Cranmer, Hooker, Ken, Law, Bray, Wilson, Woodard, Neale, and Gore


                                Church of England –Biography.




283.092                   Light, E. S. editor

SCO                        Edward Scott: Man of Faith; Man of Action


                                Scott, Edward, 1919-




283.092                   Skipton, H. P. K. (Henry Pitt Kennedy), 1861-1943, Caradus, S. R. (Selwyn Ross), 1935-

SKI                          A life of George Hills, first bishop of British Columbia / H.P.K. Skipton ;


                                Hills, George, 1816-1895

                                Anglican Church of Canada–Bishops–Biography

                                Bishops–British Columbia–Biography

                                Anglican Church of Canada–British Columbia–History

                                British Columbia–Biography

                                Hills, George, 1816-1895




283.3                       Duggan, Margaret                              

DUG                       Runcie, the Making of an Archbishop


                                 Runcie, Robert A. K. (Robert Alexander Kennedy), 1921-2000.

                                 Church of England –Bishops –Biography.

                                 Anglican Communion –Bishops –Biography.

                                Church of England Runcie, Robert Biographies




283.3                       James, Eric, 1925-

JAM                        A life of Bishop John A.T. Robinson : scholar, pastor, prophet


                                Robinson, John A. T. (John Arthur Thomas), 1919-1983.

                                Church of England –Bishops –Biography.

                                Anglican Communion –England –Bishops –Biography.




283.71                     Bays, Patricia

BAY                        Meet the family : welcome to the Anglican Church of  Canada


                                Anglican Church in Canada




283. 71                    Bays, Patricia ; [foreword by the Most Reverend Michael G. Peers]

BAY                        This Anglican Church of ours, by Patricia Bays




283.71                     Benton, Betty                                       

BEN                        History of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oak Bay, 1911-1986




283.71                     Carrington, Philip, Abp., 1892-                                        

CAR                       The Anglican Church in Canada: A History


                                Anglican Church of Canada–History




283.71                     Grove, Lyndon, 1932-         foreword by Godfrey P. Gower.      

GRO                       Pacific Pilgrims


                                 Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster.

                                 British Columbia –Church history.




283.71                     McCullum, Hugh, 1932-;    McCullum, Karmel Taylor, 1938-                    

MCC                      Caledonia:  100 Years Ahead

                                 Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Caledonia.

                                 British Columbia –Church history.




283.71                     Underhill, Stuart, 1914-

UND                       The iron church, 1860-1985

                                Victoria, B.C. : Braemar Books, c1984.


                                St. John’s Church (Victoria, B.C.)—History




283.73                     Pike, James A. (James Albert), 1913-1969 editor

PIK                         Modern Canterbury pilgrims and why they chose the Episcopal church:


                                 Anglican Communion – United States.

                                 Anglican converts.




284.1                       Bainton, Roland Herbert, 1894-

BAI                         Here I Stand; a Life of Martin Luther


                                 Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.




284.1                       Bergendoff, Conrad John Immanuel, 1895-   

BER                         The church of the Lutheran Reformation; a historical survey of Lutheranism


                                 Lutheran Church –History.




284.1                       Bosanquet, Mary

BOS                         The Life and Death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer


                                 Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945.




285.209                   Barclay, William, 1907-1978.            

BAR                        William Barclay: A Spiritual Autobiography


                                Barclay, William, 1907-1978.

                                Church of Scotland –Clergy –Biography.

                                New Testament scholars –Scotland –Biography.

                                Spiritual biography –Scotland




285.23                     Martin, James, 1921-           

MAR                       William Barclay, A Personal Memoir


                                 Barclay, William, 1907-1978.

                                 Church of Scotland –Clergy –Biography.

                                 New Testament scholars –Scotland –Biography.

                                 Presbyterian Church –Scotland –Clergy —Biography.




287                          Wesley, John, 1703-1791.                   

WES                        The Journal of John Wesley


                                 Wesley, John, 1703-1791 –Diaries.

                                 Methodist Church –Clergy —Biography.




287.92                     Wilson, Lois, 1927-

WIL                        Turning the world upside down : a memoir


                                 Wilson, Lois.

                                 United Church of Canada –Clergy –Biography.

                                 Church and social problems –United Church of Canada.

                                 Women clergy –Canada –Biography.





289.8                       Morse, Flo.

MOR                       The story of the Shakers / Flo Morse.






291                          Great World Religions

                                set of 5 DVDs and booklets




291                          Appleton, George, 1902-1993, editor

APP                        The Oxford book of prayer / general editor George Appleton.



                                Prayers Collections




291                          Cavendish, Richard                            

CAV                       The Great Religions






291.08                     Carmody, Denise Lardner, 1935-                                     

CAR                       Women & world religions


                                 Women and religion.




291.08                     Kraemer, Ross Shepard, 1948-, editor

KRA                       Maenads, martyrs, matrons, monastics


                                Women –Religious life –Rome –History –Sources.

                                Women –Religious life –Greece –History –Sources.

                                Rome –Religion –Sources.

                                Greece –Religion –Sources.




291.09                     Anderson, Charles P. (Charles Pattillo), 1930- 

CIR                                         Bose, Tirthankar, 1937-

                                                Richardson, Joseph I., 1917-               editors                 

                                Circle of voices: a history of the religious communities in British Columbia


                                 British Columbia –Religion.




291.09                     Clay, Colin                                          

CLA                        No Freedom for the Mind:

                                                A Study of the Cult Phenomenon from a Canadian Perspective



                                Canada–Religion–20th century




291.09                     Porter, Muriel                                     

POR                        Land of the spirit? : the Australian religious experience


                                 Australia –Religion.




291.14                     Stace, W. T. (Walter Terence), 1886-

STA                         The Teachings of the Mystics






291.17                     Capra, Fritjof, David Steindl-Rast with Thomas Matus.

CAP                        Belonging to the universe : explorations on the frontiers of science and spirituality


                                Religion and science.

                                Philosophy and science.




291.2                       Armstrong, Karen, 1944-

ARM                       A history of God : the 4000-year quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam / by Karen Armstrong.


                                God–Comparative studies.

                                God–Biblical teaching.

                                God (Christianity)–History of doctrines.

                                God (Islam)–History of doctrines.

                                God (Judaism)–History of doctrines.

                                Judaism–History of doctrines.





291.2                       Paulos Gregorios, 1922-                                    

GRE                        The human presence : an orthodox view of nature


                                 Nature (Theology) –History of doctrines.

                                 Human ecology.

                                 Christian ethics –Orthodox Eastern authors.




291.4                       Campbell, Peter A., 1935-

CAM                      Bio-spirituality : focusing as a way to grow / by Peter A. Campbell & Edwin M. McMahon.


                                Spiritual life.




291.4                       Dunn, Philip, 1946-

DUN                       Prayer : language of the soul







291.4                       Furlong, Monica editor

FUR                        Women pray : voices through the ages, from many faiths, cultures, and traditions


                                Women–Prayers and devotions.




291.4                       Griffiths, Bede, 1906-1993

GRI                         The marriage of East and West : a sequel to the The golden string


                                 Spiritual life.

                                 Religious life




291.4                       Helminiak, Daniel A.

HEL                        The human core of spirituality : mind as psyche and spirit / Daniel A. Helminiak.


                                Spiritual life.

                                Human beings.


                                Philosophy of mind.





291.4                       Oman, Maggie, editor

OMA                      Prayers for healing : 365 blessings, poems & meditations from around the…


                                Spiritual healing –Prayers and devotions.




291.4                       Parrinder, Geoffrey

PAR                        Mysticism in the world’s religions / [by] Geoffrey Parrinder.


                                Mysticism –Comparative studies.




291.4                       Reeves, Nancy Christine, 1952-

REE                         I’d say yes, God, if I knew what you wanted



                                Spiritual life




291.4                       Vardey, Lucinda, editor

VAR                       The flowering of the soul : a book of prayers by women / edited and with…



                                Women –Prayers and devotions.




291.43                     Harpur, Tom

HAR                       Prayer : the hidden fire






291.43                     Hays, Edward M.                

HAY                       Psalms for zero gravity : prayers for life’s emigrants




                                 Christianity and other religions.




291.6                       Moore, Thomas, 1940-                                       

MOO                      Meditations : on the monk who dwells in daily life


                                 Moore, Thomas, 1940-

                                 Spiritual life.

                                 Monastic and religious life.




294.3                       Cartier, Jean-Pierre.

CAR                       Thich Nhat Hanh : the joy of full consciousness


                                Village des pruniers (Buddhist community)

                                Spiritual life–Buddhism.




294.3                       Gard, Richard Abbott, 1914- ed.                                       

GAR                       Buddhism






294.3                       Khema, Ayya

KHE                       Being nobody, going nowhere / Ayya Khema.


                                Spiritual life –Buddhism.




294.3                       Nhất Hạnh, Thích.

NHA                      Present moment, wonderful moment : mindfulness verses for daily living


                                Buddhism–Prayers and devotions.




294.3                       Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, 1870-1966.  Illustrated by Zenchu Sato.               

SUZ                        Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk


                                 Monasticism and religious orders, Buddhist.

                                 Buddhism –Japan.

                                 Zen Buddhism.




294.3                       Tenzin Gyatso Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-

TEN                        Ancient wisdom, modern world : ethics for a new millenium


                                Spiritual life – Buddhism.




294.5                       Griffiths, Bede, 1906-1993.                                 

GRI                         River of compassion : a Christian commentary of the Bhagavad gita


                                 BhagavadgiÌ„ta –Commentaries.




296.03                     Cohn-Sherbok, Dan                                           

COH                       A Dictionary of Judasim and Christianity


                                 Judaism –Encyclopedias.

                                 Theology –Encyclopedias.




296.08                     Hertzberg, Arthur  ed        

HER                        Judaism






296.12                     Steinsaltz, Adin                                   

STE                         The Essential Talmud

                                London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976.


                                Talmud –Introductions.





296.15                     Eisenman, Robert and Michael Wise

EIS                          The Dead Sea scrolls uncovered : the first complete translation and…


                                Dead Sea scrolls. 4Q.




296.15                     VanderKam, James C.  and Peter Flint  (authors)

VAN                       The meaning of the Dead Sea scrolls :

                                                their significance for understanding the Bible, Judaism, Jesus, and Christianity


                                 Dead Sea scrolls.

                                 Bible. O.T. –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                 Dead Sea scrolls –Relation to the New Testament.

                                 Qumran community.




296.15                     Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook, translators

WIS                         The Dead Sea scrolls : a new translation




296.38                     International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations and World Council of

INT                                         Churches. Sub-unit for Dialogue with People of Living Faiths and Ideologies.


                                Jewish-Christian dialogue : six years of Christian-Jewish consultations : the quest for                                                       world community, Jewish and Christian perspectives.


                                 Judaism –Relations –Christianity –Addresses, essays, lectures.

                                 Christianity and other religions –Judaism –Addresses, essays, lectures.




296.41                     Lieberman, Joseph I

LIE                          The Gift of Rest


                                Lieberman, Joseph I. –Religion.


                                Rest –Religious aspects –Judaism.

                                Work –Religious aspects –Judaism.




296.6                       Kohn, Joshua.

KOH                       The synagogue in Jewish life.







296.7                       Albom, Mitch

ALB                        Have a little faith : a true story


                                Albom, Mitch, 1958—Religion.

                                Lewis, Albert L.

                                Covington, Henry P.

                                Faith (Judaism)





296.7                       Kushner, Harold S.

KUS                        Who needs God


                                God (Judaism)

                                Jewish Way of life

                                God - Worship and Love




296.74                     Kushner, Harold S.

KUS                        When All You’ve Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough


                                 Kushner, Harold S.

                                 Bible. O.T. Ecclesiastes –Meditations.


                                 Pastoral counseling (Judaism)




297                          Brown, Stuart E.  

BRO                        The nearest in affection: towards a Christian understanding of Islam 



                                 Islam –Relations –Christianity.

                                 Christianity and other religions –Islam.




297                          Williams, John Alden,  edited by

WIL                        Islam






299                          Cultivating stillness : a Taoist manual for transforming body and mind /

CUL                                        with a commentary by Shui-ch’ing Tzu ;

                                                translated with an introduction by Eva Wong ; illustrations by Hun-yen Tzu.


                                Chʻing ching ching–Commentaries.




299.16                     Bradley, Ian C

BRA                        Colonies of heaven : Celtic models for today’s church /


                                Celts – Great Britain – Religion.

                                Spiritual life – Christianity.

                                Christianity and other religions – Great Britain.




299.16                     De Waal, Esther.

DEW                       The Celtic Way of Prayer; the Recovery of the Religious Imagination


                                 Celtic Church.

                                 Celts –Religion.

                                 Prayer –Christianity.

                                 Spiritual life –Christianity.

                                Celtic Church – Prayer-books and devotions – English.




299.16                     Pennick, Nigel.

PEN                        The sacred world of the Celts : an illustrated guide to Celtic spirituality and mythology



                                Mythology, Celtic.




299.16                     Silf, Margaret

SIL                          Sacred spaces : stations on a Celtic way / Margaret Silf.


                                Sacred space ;

                                Celts – Religion ;
                                Dewey: 299.16





301.2                       Cox, Harvey Gallagher                     

COX                       The Secular City, Secularization and Urbanization in Theological Perspective


                                 Church and the world.

                                 City churches.

                                 Cities and towns –United States.

                                 Sociology, Urban.




301.42                     Mace, David and Vera

MAC                      How to have a happy marriage : a step-by-step guide to an enriched relationship



                                Interpersonal relations.




301.42                     Wylie, Betty Jane, 1931-                     

WYL                       Beginnings : a book for widows






301.43                     Hessel, Dieter T. and Kuhn, Maggie joint author                         

HES                        Maggie Kuhn on aging : a dialogue


                                 Old age –United States.

                                 Retirement –United States.

                                 Older people –United States.




301.43                     Scott-Maxwell, Florida, 1883-1979.                  

SCO                        The Measure of My Days

                                New York, Penguin, 1983


                                 Old age –United States.

                                 Older women –United States –Biography.




301.43                     Tournier, Paul

TOU                        Learn to grow old               .  Translation of Apprendre aÌ€ vieillir.


                                 Older people –Psychology.




301.58                     Greeley, Andrew M.

GRE                        Unsecular man; the persistence of religion


                                Religion and sociology.




303.69                     Powell, Elinor D. U.

POW                       The heart of conflict : a spirituality of transformation


                                 Conflict management.

                                 Interpersonal relations.

                                 Spiritual life.




304.2                       Easwaran, Eknath

EAS                         The compassionate universe


                                 Environmental ethics.

                                 Nature –Religious aspects.

                                 Philosophy of nature.




305.42                     Luke, Helen M., 1904 -

LUK                        Woman: Earth and spirit, the feminine in symbol and myth


                                Women - Psychology

                                Women and religion





305.42                     Spretnak, Charlene, 1946- , ed.                                         

POL                        The Politics of Women’s Spirituality


                                Feminism –Religious aspects.


                                Women –Religious life.




305.48                     Kiviat, Katherine.

KIV                         Women of courage : intimate stories from Afghanistan



                                Women–Afghanistan–Social conditions.

                                Women–Afghanistan–Pictorial works.




306                          Carlson, Joyce

CAR                       Dancing the dream : the First Nations and the church in partnership





306.6                       Weber, Max, 1864-1920.

WEB                       The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Translated by Talcott…


                                Capitalism –Religious aspects –Protestant churches.

                                Protestant work ethic.





306.60                     Bibby, Reginald Wayne, 1943-         

BIB                          Fragmented Gods: The Poverty & Potential of Religion in Canada


                                Christian sociology –Canada.

                                Canada –Religious life and customs.

                                Canada–Religious life and customs–Statistics

                                Canada–Religion–20th century




306.76                     Boswell, John                                      

BOS                         Christianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality :

                                                gay people in Western Europe from the beginning

                                                 of the Christian era to the fourteenth century


                                 Homosexuality –Europe –History –To 1500.

                                 Homosexuality –Religious aspects –Christianity –History.





306.768                                   Spicer, Michelle

SPI                                          The Transgender Handbook

c.1,2                                        Victoria, BC, Canada




306.81                     Scarf, Maggie, 1932-

SCA                        Intimate partners : patterns in love and marriage


                                Marriage –United States.

                                Interpersonal relations.





306.874                   Paul, Jordan

JOR                         If you really loved me–


                                 Parent and child –United States.

                                 Parenting –United States.

                                 Conflict management –United States.

                                 Interpersonal communication –United States.




306.89                     Fisher, Bruce

BRU                        Rebuilding : when your relationship ends / Bruce Fisher ; foreword by…


                                Divorce –Psychological aspects.

                                Man-woman relationships.




307                          Peck, M. Scott (Morgan Scott), 1936-2005.

PEC                        The different drum : community-making and peace / M. Scott Peck.




                                Spiritual life.




309                          Jeremias, Joachim, 1900-

JER                          Jerusalem in the time of Jesus; an investigation into economic and social conditions                                                                          during the New Testament period. [Translated by F. H. and C. H. Cave]


                                 Bible. N.T. –History of contemporary events.

                                 Jerusalem –Social life and customs.




323                          Lewis, Stephen, 1937-

LEW                       Race against time                CBC Massey lectures series

2005                        Toronto : House of Anansi Press, 2005.


                                 Human rights.



                                AIDS (Disease)–Africa


                                Women’s rights

                                Millennium Development Goals

                                United Nations




323.16                     Luthuli, A. J. (Albert John), 1898-1967.                                           

LUT                        Let my people go; an autobiography.


                                 Luthuli, A. J. (Albert John), 1898-1967.

                                 South Africa –Race relations.




323.4                       King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006.        

KIN                        My Life With Martin Luther King, Jr.


                                 King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 –Juvenile literature.

                                 King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006 –Juvenile literature.

                                 African Americans –Biography –Juvenile literature.

                                 Civil rights workers –United States –Biography –Juvenile literature.

                                 Baptists –United States –Clergy –Biography –Juvenile literature.




325.21                     Jacques, Andre

JAC                         The stranger within your gates : uprooted people in the world today



                                 Emigration and immigration.

                                 Church work with refugees.




330.1                       Daly, Herman E. & J. B. Cobb Jr.  with contributions by Clifford W. Cobb.

DAL                        For the Common Good:

                                                Redirecting the Economy toward Community,

                                                the Environment and a Sustainable Future.


                                 Economic development –Environmental aspects.

                                 Environmental policy.

                                 Sustainable development.




330.1                       Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006.

GAL                        The good society : the humane agenda / John Kenneth Galbraith.


                                Welfare economics.

                                Income distribution.

                                Social justice.

                                Consumption (Economics)





333.7                       Francis, John  and Paul Abrecht, editors

FRA                        Facing up to nuclear power : a contribution to the debate on the risks and potentialities                                                                   of the large-scale use of nuclear energy


                                 Nuclear industry –Congresses.

                                 Nuclear power plants –Environmental aspects –Congresses.

                                 Nuclear energy –Security measures –Congresses.




338.9                       Laszlo, Ervin

LAS                         WorldShift 2012 : making green business, new politics, and higher consciousness work together




                                Civilization, Modern–1950-




344.71                     Law Reform Commission of Canada

LAW                       Euthanasia, Aiding Suicide and Cessation of Treatment

                                Ottawa, Ontario, Canada : The Law Reform Commission of Canada, 1982


                                 Right to die –Law and legislation –Canada.

                                 Euthanasia –Law and legislation –Canada.

                                 Suicide –Canada.

                                 Euthanasia –Social aspects –Canada.




361                          MacRae, Robert D., 1932-;   Vancouver School of Theology

MAC                      The man who gave back : the rule of life of H.R. MacMillan / Robert D. MacRae


                                MacMillan, H. R. (Harvey Reginald), 1885-1976




                                Foresters–British Columbia–Biography

                                Vancouver (B.C.)–Biography




361                          Stuchbery, Ian                                     

STU                         We Are the Branches




361.61                     Randerson, Richard, 1940-

RAN                       Hearts and minds : a place for people in a market economy


                                Human services – New Zealand.

                                Church charities – New Zealand.

                                Church and social problems – New Zealand.

                                New Zealand – Social policy.

                                New Zealand – Social conditions.

                                New Zealand – Economic policy.

                                New Zealand – Economic conditions – 1945-

                                New Zealand – Politics and government – 1972-

                                New Zealand – Appropriations and expenditures.




361.77                     Millwood, David  and     Lutheran World Federation. Dept. of Studies

MIL                         The Good Samaritans: the Politics of Altruism in Voluntary Aid Agencies




                                 Social history – 1945-




362.1                       Buckingham, Robert W.                                    

BUC                        The complete hospice guide / by Robert W. Buckingham.


                                 Hospice care.

                                 Hospice care –United States.

                                 Hospices (Terminal care) –United States –Directories.




362.1                       Gentles, Ian, editor              (Gentles, I. J.       

GEN                       Care for the Dying and the Bereaved


                                Terminal care


                                Bereavement–Psychological aspects–Addresses, essays,  lectures




362.1                       Hamilton, Michael Pollock, 1927-  and Helen F. Reid, editors                  

HOS                        A Hospice handbook : a new way to care for the dying


                                 Hospice care.

                                 Hospices (Terminal care)




362.1                       Magnus family

MAG                      A family love story / the Magnus family




362.1                       Martin, Carolyn, 1946-       with  Lewis, Gregg, 1951-   foreword by Philip Yancey.

MAR                       I Can’t Walk So I’ll Learn to Dance


                                 Martin, Carolyn, 1946- –Health.

                                 Cerebral palsied –United States —Biography.




362.1                       Watson, David C. K., 1933-1984                       

WAT                       Fear no evil : a personal struggle with cancer


                                 Cancer – Religious aspects – Christianity.

                                 Man Cancer

                                 Watson, David C. K., 1933- –Health.

                                 Cancer –Patients –England –Biography.

                                 Christian life.




362.17                     Molloy, William, 1953-

MOL                       Let me decide : what you need to know now about end-of-life care / William Molloy.


                                Terminal care.

                                Terminally ill–Legal status, laws, etc.

                                Right to die–Canada.

                                Patient advocacy.




362.2                       W., Bill                  

ALC                        Alcoholics Anonymous. The story of how many thousands of men and women have                                                                         recovered from alcoholism


                                 Alcoholics Anonymous.

                                 Alcoholics –Rehabilitation.

                                 Alcoholism –Treatment.




362.61                     Mantle, Jessie, 1932-  and Funke-Furber, Jeanette, 1942- ;

MAN                                      in dialogue with Vera McIver, 1916-                              

                                Forgotten Revolution:  the priory Method:  A restorative care model for older persons


                                Older people–Institutional care

                                Older people–Rehabilitation

                                McIver, Vera, 1916-

                                St. Mary’s Priory




363.73                     Gore, Albert, 1948-

GOR                       An Inconvenient Truth: the Crisis of Global Warming


                                 Global warming –Juvenile literature.

                                 Greenhouse effect, Atmospheric –Juvenile literature.

                                 Climatic changes –Juvenile literature.

                                 Environmental protection –United States –Juvenile literature.




371.829                   Rogers, Shelagh, Mike DeGagné, Glen Lowry, Glen, Fryer, Sara editors

ROG                       Reconciliation & the way forward


                                Aboriginal Healing Foundation (Canada)

                                Off-reservation boarding schools–Canada–History

                                Indigenous peoples–Services for–Canada


                                Native peoples–Canada–Residential schools–History

                                Native peoples–Education–Canada–History

                                Native peoples—Reparations–Canada




398.04                     Campbell, Joseph, 1904-1987.

CAM                      Myths to live by. Foreword by Johnson E. Fairchild.






398.35                     Lewis, Lionel Smithett                                      

LEW                       St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, or, The Apostolic Church of Britain


                                Joseph, of Arimathea, Saint –Legends.

                                Glastonbury Abbey.

                                Legends – England – Glastonbury.

                                Somerset legends 

                                Glastonbury legends 




560 B                       Speaight, Robert

SPE                         Teilhard de Chardin: a biography.




610.69                     Scott, Munroe, 1927-           

SCO                        McClure : a biography       v. 1 The China years of Dr. Bob McClure


                                 McClure, Robert Baird, 1900-

                                 Missionaries, Medical –Canada –Biography.

                                 Surgeons –Canada –Biography.




610.92                     Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965.

SCH                        Out of my life and thought: an autobiography


                                 Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965.

                                 Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965.

                                 Missionaries, Medical –Gabon –Biography.

                                 Theologians –Europe –Biography.

                                 Musicians –Europe –Biography.

                                 France –Biography.




612.68                     Chopra, Deepak.

CHO                       Ageless body, timeless mind : the quantum alternative to growing old / by Deepak Chopra.



                                Mind and body.



                                Holistic medicine.




616                          May, Rollo.

MAY                       The cry for myth / Rollo May.


                                                Mythology–Therapeutic use.





616.85                     Matsakis, Aphrodite.

MAT                       I can’t get over it : a handbook for trauma survivors


                                 Post-traumatic stress disorder –Popular works.

                                 Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic.

                                 Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic –rehabilitation.




615.85                     McAll, Kenneth

MCA                      Healing the Family Tree


                                Spiritual healing.

                                Christianity Spiritual healing


                                Christian church Exorcism




616.89                     Laidlaw, Toni Ann, 1939-

LAI                         Healing voices : feminist approaches to therapy with women


                                 Feminist therapy.





616.891                   Steiner, Claude, 1935-

STE                         Scripts people live ; transactional analysis of life scripts


                                 Transactional analysis.




646.78                     Paul, Jordan

JOR                         Do I have to give up me to be loved by you? : workbook


                                 Marriage –Psychological aspects –Problems, exercises, etc.

                                 Married people –Psychology –Problems, exercises, etc.

                                 Marital conflict –Problems, exercises, etc.

                                 Communication in marriage –Problems, exercises, etc.




658.815                   Dexter, Kerry                                      

DEX                        Bazaars, Fairs and Festivals: A How-To Book


                                 Fund raising –United States –Handbooks, manuals, etc.




704.94                     Beckett, Wendy, 1930-

BEC                        Sister Wendy’s nativity and life of Christ : a story for the new millennium                                          


                Jesus Christ-Nativity.

                Jesus Christ-Nativity-Art.

                Christmas stories.




712                          Peplow, Elizabeth.

PEP                         In a monastery garden / Elizabeth & Reginald Peplow.


                                Great Britain Religious buildings Gardens to 1988




723.5                       Panofsky, Erwin, 1892-1968.

PAN                       Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism



                                 Architecture, Gothic.





726.5                       Bentmann, Reinhard, 1939-    and Heinrich Lickes, joint author

BEN                        Churches of the Middle Ages


                                 Church buildings.

                                 Architecture, Medieval.

                                 Church architecture –Details.

                                 Church decoration and ornament.




726.5                       Debuyst, Frederic                                               

DEB                        Modern Architecture and Christian Celebration ( Ecumenical studies in worship, no. 18)


                                 Liturgy and architecture –Addresses, essays, lectures.

                                 Liturgy and architecture.

                                 Architecture, Modern –20th century.




726.5                       Downs, Barry, 1930-

DOW                      Sacred places: British Columbia’s early churches


                                 Church architecture –British Columbia.

                                 Vernacular architecture –British Columbia.

                                 British Columbia –Church history.




726.5                       Hibbert, Christopher, 1924-, and Street, Tess, and Black, Martin                              

HIB                         London’s churches / Christopher Hibbert ;


                                 Church architecture –England –London –Guidebooks.

                                 London (England) –Buildings, structures, etc.




726.6                       Bony, Jean  (text)

BON                       French Catherals


                                 Cathedrals –France.

                                 Architecture, Gothic.




726.6                       Mountfield, David

MOU                      Cathedrals of the world




726.6                       Somerset Fry, Plantagenet, 1931-    

SOM                       Great Cathedrals


                                 Cathedrals Architecture to ca 1980




726.60                     Hurlimann, Martin, 1897-1984,   photography and introduction by

HUR                       English Cathedrals  ( Englischen Kathedralen. )


                                 Cathedrals –England.

                                 Church architecture –England.




726.65                     Kersting, Anthony Frank  and  Linnell, Charles Lawrence Scruton.

KER                        English Cathedrals in Colour.


                                 Cathedrals –England.

                                 Church architecture –England.




730.9                       Powell, Elinor D. U.  foreward by Peter Harbison

POW                       The High Crosses of Ireland; Inspirations in Stone


                                 High crosses (Sculpture) –Ireland.

                                 Ireland –Antiquities.




732.23                     Gilchrist, James, Rev., of Dennington.                           

GIL                         Anglican Church Plate


                                 Church plate, English.




746.39                     Bradfield, Helen, 1938-  and Pringle, Joan, 1931-  and Ridout, Judy, 1935-  (authors)

BRA                        Art of the Spirit: Contemporary Canadian Fabric Art


                                Textile crafts–Canada

                                Fabric pictures–Canada

                                Art, Canadian

                                Art, Modern–20th century–Canada

                                Art and religion–Canada




746.44                     Kalina, Judith Schoener                                     

KAL                        Bible Stitchery


                                 Needlework –Patterns.

                                 Bible crafts.




746.44                     McNeill, Lucy, 1923-, illustrations by the author.

MCN                      Sanctuary linens : choosing, making and embroidering


                                Ecclesiastical embroidery


                                Christian art and symbolism




748.594                   Dowley, Tim  (ed)     Halliday, Sonia and Lushington, Laura (photographs)

DOW                      The Bible in stained glass


                                 Bible. English.

                                 Stained glass





759.13                     Craighead, Meinrad

CRA                       The mother’s songs : images of God the mother / Meinrad Craighead.


                                Craighead, Meinrad –Psychology.

                                Mothers in art.

                                Painting, American –20th century.





782.55                     Poston, Elizabeth, 1905-1987, ed.                                     

POS                         The Penguin Book of Christmas Carols


                                 Carols. [from old catalog]

                                 Christmas music.

                                Christmas carols for mixed voices with keyboard Collections




786                          Smalley, Grant and Michael Zastre

SMA                       A trumpet shall sound, glimpses into the workshop of Grant Smalley, pipe organ builder




808.02                     Milton, Ralph                                      

MIL                         How to Write and Publish Your Church History


                                Canada–Church history–Historiography

                                Church history–Historiography

                                History publishing





808.80                     Vanier, Jean.

VAN                       A door of hope


                                Arche (Organisation)

                                Church work with people with mental disabilities.


                                Christian life.





808.81                     Hill, Caroline (Miles) 1866-1951 editor

HIL                         The World’s Great Religious Poetry


                                 Religious poetry, English. [from old catalog]




809.93                     Alter, Robert and Frank Kermode, editors

ALT                        The literary guide to the Bible


                                Bible –Criticism, interpretation, etc.

                                Bible as literature.





809.93                     Frye, Northrop.

FRY                        The great code : the Bible and literature / Northrop Frye.


                                Bible and literature.




811.5                       Gibran, Kahlil                                     

GIB                         The Prophet


                                 Prose poems, American.

                                 Mysticism –Poetry.




811.5                       Gibran, Kahlil, 1883-1931. 

GIB                         Sand and foam : a book of aphorisms


                                Aphorisms and apothegms.





811.54                     McCaslin, Susan, 1947 - , editor

MCC                      A matter of spirit : recovery of the sacred in contemporary Canadian poetry…


                                Religious poetry, Canadian –History and criticism.

                                Canadian poetry –20th century –History and criticism.

                                Holy, The, in literature.




811.54                     Schaffer, Ulrich, 1942-  photographs by the author.                                     

SCH                        A Growing Love: Meditations on Marriage and Commitment



                                Marriage –Poetry.




811.54                     Smith, Dorothy Cameron                                 

SMI                         Christmas Cameos




                                Christmas stories




811.6                       Minkley, Claire, 1983-2002                                               

MIN                        Utterly in Jesus’ Love






813.54                     Mailer, Norman.

MAI                        The Gospel according to the Son / Norman Mailer.


                                Jesus Christ–Fiction.

                                Bible. Gospels–History of Biblical events–Fiction.




821                          Rajendra, Cecil                                    

RAJ                         Songs for the Unsung  : Poems on ‘Unpoetic’ Realities like War & Want & Refugees


                                 Protest poetry, Malaysian (English)




821.05                     Middaugh, Karen, compiler                                             

MID                        Faith for our times; contemporary prayers, poetry and prose.


                                 Christian literature.




821.08                     Cecil, David, Lord, 1902- ed.

CEC                        The Oxford book of Christian verse, chosen and edited by Lord David Cecil


                                 Religious poetry, English.




821.3                       Donne, John, 1572-1631.

DON                       Selected poetry. Edited by Marius Bewley.




827                          Forrest, S.J.   (Stanley John)  (2nd Vicar of St John’s Watford)

FOR                        What’s the Use?



827                          Forrest, S. J. (Stanley John)  E. W. Forrest, illustrator  

FOR                        Time for a Rhyme


                                Humorous verse about Church of England.




827                          Laing, Allan M. (Allan Macdonald)  (Editor), 

LAI                         Prayers and Graces: A Little Book of Extraordinary Piety

                                London : Pan, 1981.


                                humourous sketches !!       



                                 Christian life Prayers Collections




827                          Mascall, E. L.         (Eric Lionel)           illustrated by Barbara Jones.

MAS                       Pi in the High  - Dulce Est Desipere - in Loco 


                                Humorous sketches and parodies




828                          Hooper, Walter

HOO                       Through joy and beyond : a pictorial biography of C.S. Lewis / Walter Hooper.


                                Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.

                                Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963 –Portraits.

                                Church of England –Biography.

                                Authors, English –20th century –Biography.




839                          Hammarskjöld, Dag, 1905-1961.

HAM                      Markings. Translated from the Swedish by Leif Sjöberg and W. H. Auden.


                                Hammarskjöld, Dag, 1905-1961.




843.91                     Bernanos, Georges, 1888-1948.

BER                         The diary of a country priest; translated from the French by Pamela Morris.

                                New York, The Macmillan Company, 1937.




861.3                       John of the Cross, Saint, 1542-1591.

JOH                        Poems

                                Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1968.




891.6                       De Waal, Esther

DEW                       The Celtic vision / selected and edited by Esther De Waal from the Carmina…


                                Christian poetry, Scottish Gaelic –Translations into English.Prayers.




909.04                     Cahill, Thomas.

CAH                       The gifts of the Jews


                                Bible. O.T. –History of Biblical events.

                                Judaism –History –To 70 A.D.

                                Jews –History –To 70 A.D.

                                Civilization –Jewish influences.




909.04                     Potok, Chaim.

POT                        Wanderings : Chaim Potok’s history of the Jews.






909.82                     Laszlo, Ervin

LAS                         Quantum shift in the global brain : how the new scientific reality can change us and our world

                                Rochester, Vt. : Inner Traditions, c2008.


                                Club of Budapest.

                                Civilization, Modern–1950-

                                Science and civilization.

                                Science–Social aspects.

                                Human evolution.

                                Social change.

                                Social evolution.

                                Consciousness–Social aspects.

                                Spirituality–Social aspects.

                                Paradigms (Social sciences)




914.1                       Toulson, Shirley.

TOU                        Celtic journey : Scotland and the North of England


                                Missionaries – Homes and haunts – Great Britain.

                                Great Britain – Description and travel – To 1600.

                                Great Britain Christian missions Missionaries 

                                Places associated with Christian missionaries 400-700 Description & travel




914.5                       Gregorius, Magister.

GRE                                        translated with an introduction and commentary by  John Lawrence Osborne

                                The Marvels of Rome     (Mediaeval sources in translation 0316-0874 31)


                                 Pilgrims and pilgrimages –Italy –Rome.

                                 Monuments –Italy –Rome –Guidebooks.

                                 Legends –Italy –Rome.

                                 Rome (Italy) –Guidebooks.




917.11                     Healey, Elizabeth, 1912-(compiler) and Alert Bay Centennial Committee            

HEA                       History of Alert Bay and District


                                Alert Bay, B.C. (Village)–History

                                British Columbia–Centennial celebrations, etc




922.3                       Simpson, James Beasley                    

SIM                         The Hundredth Archbishop of Canterbury


                                 Ramsey, Michael, 1904-1988.

                                 Bishops –England —Biography.




928.2                       Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.    Introduction by G.B. Harrison.       

BUN                       Grace abounding to the chief of sinners ; &, The life & death of Mr. Badman


                                 Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.

                                 Authors, English –Early modern, 1500-1700 –Biography.

                                 Puritans –England –Biography.

                                 Christian biography —England.




933                          Josephus, Flavius.

JOS                          The complete works / Josephus ; translated by William Whiston


                                 Jews –History –To 70 A.D.

                                 Jews –History –Rebellion, 66-73.




936.4                       Hill Elder, Isabel

HIL                         Celt, druid, and culdee / by Isabel Hill Elder ; foreword by Lord Brabazon of Tara.

                                London, Covenant Publishing Co. 1962




940.5                       Frank, Anne, 1929-1945.

FRA                        Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl


                                 Frank, Anne, 1929-1945 –Diaries.

                                 Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) –Netherlands –Amsterdam –Personal narratives.

                                 Jewish girls –Netherlands –Amsterdam –Diaries.

                                 Jews –Persecutions –Netherlands –Amsterdam.

                                 Jews –Netherlands –Amsterdam –Diaries.

                                 Amsterdam (Netherlands) –Ethnic relations.




940.5                       Gilbert, Martin, 1936 -

GIL                         The Holocaust : maps and photographs;  a record of the destruction of Jewish life in                                                                          Europe during the dark years of Nazi rule


                                Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) –Pictorial works.

                                Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) —Maps.




940.5                       Lusseyran, Jacques

LUS                         And there was light : the extraordinary memoir of a blind hero of the French resistance in                                                                              World War II


                                Lusseyran, Jacques.

                                World War, 1939-1945–Underground movements–France.

                                World War, 1939-1945–Prisoners and prisons, German.

                                World War, 1939-1945–Personal narratives, French.

                                Prisoners of war–France–Biography.

                                Prisoners of war–Germany–Biography.






941.5                       Cahill, Thomas.

CAH                       How the Irish saved civilization

                                New York : Nan A. Talese, Doubleday, c1995.


                                Learning and scholarship –History –Medieval, 500-1500.

                                Civilization, Classical –Study and teaching –Ireland.

                                Books –Ireland –History –400-1400.

                                Manuscripts –Ireland –History.

                                Monastic libraries –Ireland.

                                Transmission of texts –Ireland.

                                Scriptoria –Ireland.

                                Ireland –Civilization –To 1172.

                                Europe –Civilization –Irish influences.




942                          Healey, Edna                       

HEA                       Lady Unknown: The Life of Angela Burdett-Coutts


                                 Burdett-Coutts, Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Baroness, 1814-1906.

                                 Women philanthropists –Great Britain –Biography.




943.08                     Gollwitzer, Hellmut : Käthe Kuhn; Reinhard Schneider,  (Eds);

HUD                                       Reinhard C  Kuhn, (Trans);

                                                Huddleston, Trevor (Foreword)

                                Dying We Live: the Final Messages and Records of Some Germans Who Defied Hitler


                                 Anti-Nazi movement.

                                 Martyrs –Biography.

                                 Germany —Biography.




954.035                   Jones, E. Stanley (Eli Stanley), 1884-1973.                      

JON                        Mahatma Gandhi: An Interpretation


                                 Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948.




954.035                   Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence), 1904-1993.

SHI                         Gandhi, A Memoir


                                 Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948.

                                 Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence), 1904-1993.

                                 Statesmen –India –Biography.

                                 Journalists –United States –Biography.




956.83                     Dimont, Max I.                                    

DIM                        Jews, God and History


                                 Jews –History.

                                 Judaism –History.




956.92                     Waite, Terry

WAI                        Taken on Trust


                                Waite, Terry

                                Hostage negotiations–Middle East



                                Church of England. Church Army–Biography




968                          Huddleston, Trevor, 1913-1998.       

HUD                       Naught for your comfort


                                 Indigenous peoples –South Africa.

                                 Housing –South Africa –Johannesburg.

                                 Apartheid –South Africa.

                                 Race relations –Religious aspects –Christianity.

                                 South Africa –Race relations.




968.06                     Tutu, Desmond.

TUT                        The rainbow people of God


                                Church of the Province of Southern Africa –Sermons.

                                Sermons, English –South Africa.

                                Anglican Communion –South Africa –Sermons.

                                South Africa –Race relations.




970.004                   Robertson, Heather, 1942-

ROB                        Reservations are for Indians


                                Indians of North America–Canada





IND                        The struggle continues : land claims in British Columbia

                                Sardis, B.C. : Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, 197-.


                                Indians of North America–Land tenure–British Columbia

                                Indians of North America–British Columbia–Government relations




971.06                     Vanier, Jean, 1928-

VAN                       In weakness, strength;

c.1                                           the spiritual sources of Georges P. Vanier, 19th Governor-General of Canada


                                 Vanier, Georges P. (Georges Philias), 1888-1967.

                                 Governors general –Canada –Biography.




971.1                       NIshga Tribal Council

NIS                         Nis‚ga’a : people of the Nass River


                                Niska Indians

                                Indians of North America–British Columbia–Nass River





971.10                     Collinson, W. H.  (William Henry )

COL                        In the wake of the war canoe: a stirring record of forty years’ successful labour, peril,                                                       and adventure amongst the savage Indian tribes of the Pacific coast, and the piratical                                                                head-hunting Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia


                                 Collison, W. H. (William Henry), 1847-

                                 Indians of North America –Missions –Northwest coast of North America.

                                 Missionaries –Northwest coast of North America –Biography.




971.10                     Ellis,  Donald, editor

ELL                         Tsimshian treasures : the remarkable journey of the Dundas collecton /…


                                Dundas, R. J. –Ethnological collections.

                                Dundas, R. J. –Art collections.

                                Tsimshian art –Exhibitions.




971.12                     Nishga Tribal Council

NIS                         Nisga’a Government


                                Niska Indians      

                                Niska Indians–Government relations

                                Indians of North America–Canada–Government relations

                                Niska Indians–Tribal government

                                Indians of North America–Canada–Tribal government




972.81                     Menchui, Rigoberta

MEN                       I, Rigoberta MenchuÌ : an Indian woman in Guatemala


                                Menchui, Rigoberta

                                Quichel women - biography

                                Women revolutionaries - Guatemala - biography




973                          De Visser, John  (photographer)  text by Harold Kalman.

DEV                        Pioneer Churches


                                Church buildings –United States.

                                United States –Church history –To 1775.


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