All are welcome!

Young ones come to St. John's with parents, grandparents, caregivers and friends.

Some come often, and some come once in a while.

We encourage young ones and their adults to experience worship together!

Don't worry about sounds and movement ... encourage curiosity and wonder!

There is a table at the back of the church for those who like to wander!


What to expect on a Sunday morning ...

During the 10:00 service, our young ones and their mentors gather together to explore the stories and traditions of our faith.

We meet at the back of the church and join in the procession.

Young ones take turns carrying our candle.

After a "blessing & sending" prayer we head upstairs to make noise and get busy.

We sing! We pray! We create! We play!

We tell stories! We get messy! We have fun!

We often use the HOLY MOLY curriculum, but we also take on big storytelling projects!

We learn to pray through song, words, movement, and action!

This "one room schoolhouse" format is an active way for 4-13 year olds to engage in ways that spark imagination and insight!

Our goal is to help our young ones encounter god and find their theological voice!

After our activities we head back into church to join our families for communion.


Leadership is provided by a team of adult and teen mentors.

We have lots of experience working with young ones, have lots of creative energy, and have been screened through the diocesan safe church process.