In the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia, a synod is a 

  1. A meeting of the people of the diocese
  2. An office where the bishop and his staff work

On this website, we have synod delegates and alternates. These are the lay people who attend the synod meeting on behalf of the parish. All the clergy are included in the synod meeting. 

The number of lay people a parish sends to the synod meeting depends on the size of the parish. At St. John's we can send six lay people. We send all four wardens along with two members of parish council. The we also elect two alternates who go if any of the other six can't.

Synod meetings are approximately annually. (Over 150 years there are going to be exceptions.) Synod meetings have discussed such things as

  • same-sex marriage 
  • how to help fix the damage of residential schools
  • women clergy (discussed in the late 1960s and early 1970s)
  • changing the prayer book (mid 1900s)
  • divorce (at different times in the 20th century)
  • other beliefs and practices and proposals to be taken to the national synod

 The synod delegates are named on the leadership page. The alternates are:

  • Gillian Barlow
  • Barry Salter