Thank you for thinking of donating to St. John the Divine Anglican Church. Donations from people like you make it possible for the church to maintain its infrastructure and provide much appreciated help and services to less fortunate people in downtown Victoria. Our church has enjoyed support from parishioners and guests for over 150 years through the kind and generous donation of time, treasure and talent.

Speaking of treasure, there are many ways you can provide financial support to St. John’s. We have identified 4 ways to donate. To learn more about a specific method, please click on the method’s name. You can donate by:

  1. Cash or Cheque: Regular giving to the Church by cash or cheque placed in the weekly collection plate. Parishioners are encouraged to use the white numbered envelopes.
  2. Credit Card: Authorize the Church to charge your credit card monthly a specified amount of money.
  3. Direct Debit: Authorize the Church to withdraw a specified amount of money from your bank account once or twice per month.
  4. Company Shares: Complete documentation to donate to the Church a specified number of publically traded company shares with a resulting extra tax saving.

The envelope secretary manages donations.

The envelope secretary is currently Jim Harlick.

Use the form below to contact Jim to add, change, or cancel your donations. 

Contact the Envelope Secretary