Divine Brunch

About once a month, two men of the parish, cook brunch for everyone else. Other people help a little with the prep and cleanup, but it is really these two. Chef Gary retired from running kitchens in large hotels overseas. Together with Chuck, his partner, they provide this gift to the parish. They prepare two dishes each time. 

You decide which you want when you buy tickets. The cost of the tickets covers the cost of ingredients. The cost is $8 per person or $15 per family.

There was a break in 2014 while the hall was renovated by POV.

At Easter, we always look forward to a special Divine Champange Easter Brunch on Easter Sunday.

Tickets are required in advance. However, if you are visiting the parish and don’t have a ticket, ask one of the clergy or anyone else. There are usually a few people who can’t use their tickets and they give them to the clergy to give to you.

Click here to see when the next Divine Brunch is scheduled and for details on the menu.