Vestry 2018 asked for a parish strategic plan to be developed for the next five years, so that we can put funding plans in place where necessary.

Our congregation has changed and grown in the last five years. Building on the Quo Vadis experience, it is time to explore what renewed hearts, renewed people, renewed spirits and renewed buildings mean for us as a parish now and in the years to come.

We will also build on the three recent Why sessions where parishioners considered why we do what we do. They use the framework of the diocesan vision: (1) Faith in Action, (2) Faith in Formation, and (3) Faith in Foundation. Two more of these sessions are planned for July and August 2018. 

What Do We Need to Know? 

Using the diocesan framework vision, we want to know what is working and what else we want to do. 

Faith in Action embraces the ways the church works in a hurting world and celebrates what God is already up to in our community. This includes things like Out of the Rain Shelter, the food bank, refugee support, and reconciliation with first nations. 

Faith in Formation looks at ways we will feed and enable the disciples of Christ for His service. This includes youth and family life, worship, lay ministry, and leadership formation. 

Faith in Foundation includes asset management, financial resources, effective communication, and ministries we might develop and share with others that need to be continually nurtured and enhanced. 

When and How Do We Want to Do This?

Why Sessions: 

  1. The evening of Tuesday July 24, 2018
  2. After church on Sunday August 26, 2018

In Writing:

  1. Use the survey here on the website. Fill in as much as you feel is useful for the team to know.
  2. Send an email with your thoughts to Use the survey as an outline. BUT NOT YET. THE EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT SET UP YET.
  3. On paper. Yes, it still exists. You can get a paper copy of the survey at church and hand it into the office.

With a Group:

All groups that meet regularly or submitted a report to Vestry 2017 will be invited to provide a written submission setting out their thoughts for direction over the next five years. 

What Happens after September 16, 2018? 

All individual and group submissions will be part of a report that will be used to develop a five-year action plan that will go to the rector, wardens, Parish Council, and the Finance Committee. It will be presented for approval by Vestry 2018, in spring 2019. 

If the plan is approved by Vestry, implementation will be monitored and reported on quarterly to Parish Council.