Operational Policies

2.02 Signing Out Keys Policy

A. Weekdays

  1. When paid or volunteer office staff members are in the office then keys need to be retrieved by the staff member.
  2. Only office staff members are to have access to the key safe.
  3. Out of hours access to what ??? to be available by arrangement with whom????

B. On Sundays

  1. Access to the office and the key safe by arrangement with ????
  2. Only those who are aurthorised to enter the office should be able to get to the key safe. [this is redundant with B.1.]

C. General

  1. Keys will only be given to those parishioners in compliance with Safe Church/Screening in Faith guidelines . [does this mean that only parishioners can get keys or that only parishioners have to comply with the Sanctuary guidelines?]