Operational Policies

1.03 Using the Parish Email List Policy

  1. One email will be sent to the parish email list weekly on Fridays.
  2. The email will contain news of St. John the Divine events or items of interest.
  3. Once a month this email will also contain a Parish Council update submitted by the Vestry Clerk or their designate.
  4. The deadline for approved submissions is Wednesday at 4:30 pm for the Friday of the same week.
  5. Notices must be limited to no more than 100 words with no graphics, except for the Parish Council update which may be up to 300 words with no graphics.
  6. Attachments will not be included in this email.
  7. Under unusual circumstances such as, but not limited to a statutory holiday falling on a Friday, the email may be either postponed or cancelled for that week at the discretion of the Rector
  8. A very occasional reminder of important information may be sent out at the discretion of the rector or administrator. Examples include a particular birth or death, a singular event which was not in the bulletin, or information that cannot wait for the weekly omnibus. 
  9. Reminders are not to be included. This includes reminders for individual and recurring events.
  10. All other uses of parish-wide emails are solely at the discretion of the rector.
  11. This policy is subject to conditions in Policy 1.02 Parish Email List Maintenance and Policy 1.04 Email Etiquette.