At St. John’s we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. There are families we are born into, families that we choose, and families that choose us!                      

All families are invited and all families are welcome!

Attention to ages and stages ...

At St. John’s we try to pay attention to the unique needs of people at different ages and stages. This means gathering activities for children, early adolescents and older teens. It means opportunities for young ones, adults, and elders to know each other. This means realizing that some need to wiggle in their pew and some need an arm to lean on at coffee time. 

Paying attention to each age and stage means noticing and making space for everyone’s gifts to shine in this place!

Growing a community of faith TOGETHER …

At St. John’s we know that our community is richer because of its diversity!  We can be energized by the vision and activity of our youth, and we can know and listen to the wisdom of our elders. 

We are intentional about multi-age and intergenerational connections!