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Connecting at St John's

The book club meets throughout the year to discuss books chosen by the members. 

A drop-in centre for feeding street youth

PFLAG Victoria holds regular meetings at St.

Surprise! The Christmas Crafters make crafts for Christmas.

Notices for Connecting Ministries

I am writing to you in response to the actions coming out of the gathering of the Primates of the Anglican church in Canterbury on January 14, 2016. Two things are encouraging coming out of the meeting. Firstly, the very fact that Archbishop Justin Welby was able to meet with all the Primates before the gathering and enable all to be at the meeting last week is quite and achievement. Secondly, the commitment from the Primates to “walk together” during this time and the fact that they all stayed (with the exception of the Bishop of Uganda) is again a very positive sign.

Join us May 24 to celebrate the Life of the Spirit, with food and fun in good company.

The Namgis First Nation plans to demolish St.

Connecting Events

Jun 1 2016
Jun 3 2016
Jun 10 2016
Jun 11 2016