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Pastoral Care at St John's

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This fall will see the launch of some exciting regional initiatives in pastoral care designed to support and equip the work of lay pastoral carers in a congregation. The Two Saints Ministry spearheaded a proposal to the Diocesan Vision Fund for funds to support both an intensive Pastoral Care Workshop for lay people, with basic and advanced modules, offered with the support of South Island Centre for Counselling & Training, and a series of short modules on special topics in pastoral care.

The Pastoral Care Workshop is being held on October 14 at St Peter’s, Lakehill. The cost is being largely underwritten by the Diocesan Vision Fund. Registration is through the South Island Centre and preference is being given to lay people who are involved or are will commit to being involved in pastoral care ministries within their parish. This will be an exciting way for people interested in becoming part of the parish pastoral care ministry to learn more skills, or for those with some skills to hone them even more.

The first pastoral care module is being held on September 30 at Christ Church Cathedral. The speaker is Dr Deanna Thompson, a theologian who lives with stage IV cancer and will be speaking out of that experience to talk about caring for those who live with terminal illness. Numbers for this pastoral care module are limited and again, preference is being given to those who are involved or will commit to being involved in pastoral care ministries within their parish.

For information about or to register the workshop and/or the module, or to see about being involved in the pastoral care ministry at St John’s, please speak with Rev. Gillian.