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Catching up

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There have been some requests that material that has been published/broadcast elsewhere is made available here on the website.  So here’s a summary of some of the pieces posted by the Rector in the last little while - the one unavailble is (and apologies for this) an interview with Joe Perkins on CFAX1070 about technology and the Church.  But here are the articles from the Times Colonist:

July 2nd 2016 - Discovering the love that heals brokenness

July 6th 2016 - Moving from shame to Pride

September 24th 2016 - What does prayer mean?

September 26th 2016 - A celtic Christian view of God as ‘with us’

January 28th 2017 - Making a positive difference by acting together (which also references GVAT - Greater Victoria Acting Together for the common good)

February 2nd 2017 - Standing together on our shared journey strengthens community

And an interview with Gregor Cragie following the initial rejection by General Synod of a motion to broaden the Marriage Canon. The motion passed following a reassessment of the electronic voting system - but the message of inclusion,and a desire to welcome all people to our churches regardless of gender or sexual identity - or indeed because of race, language, culture, tradition, or any other of the factors human beings use to divide themselves from one another, continues to be at the heart of St John the Divine’s calling, mission, and ministry.

The Rector continues to maintain a Facebook Page alongside contributing to the St John the Divine Facebook Page, and (sporadically) blogs at ‘New Kid on the Blog’. You can follow him on Twitter here.