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Lenten Noon Forum 2012

Journeys Along the Edges

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12.00 – 1.00 p.m. Wednesdays

Bring a bag lunch – coffee and tea available

Just as the fabric of the planet is composed of great tectonic plates that interface , press on one another at their edges, and sometimes collide with disastrous results so human society has such edges where things interface, press upon one another and even collide.

Whether it is the interfacing of human life and the natural environment,
Or that of aboriginal cultures with the predominant white culture,
Or that of the great historic religions with one another,
Or those suffering from mental illness or handicap with those who are deemed mentally healthy,
Or even that of different generations and genders with one another;

… to explore these edges where the infinitely varied understandings, assumptions and visions of humanity meet is to find rich experience, learning and new directions.

Events in series

See the following links for information specific to each event in the Lenten Noon Forum 2012 series, including recordings and related links, as they become available: